"Hey, lad..." Otar began, "Since that whole Vivien incident, I've been meaning to ask ye...and now it be all fine and dandy if ye are, but I really need to be knowin'. Ye not be swingin' for the other team, are ye?"

~Otar Incerul Asan'tu

All tales have a beginning... what is yours?

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The Dark World RPG is an original interactive fiction, PBeM/PbP game, where players participate by writing stories based on characters they create.

Our game world offers an indepth historical background, large gaming world, and character system that gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves in an ever growing and evolving game world. We are a group of mature writers that enjoy a moderate pace and firmly believe in posts with substance and depth. Our game can suit an array of writing tastes, such as drama, horror, adventure, comedy, romance and more.

To learn more about our game world, please visit our Game Guide.

We are always open for new members. If you have an active imagination, good writing skills, can participate regularly, are capable of following game guidelines, and work well with others then we invite you to apply. Follow our 'Join' link for further details.

Thanks and we hope to see you in the Dark World!

~The Dark World RPG GM Team


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