In order to make the game enjoyable for all to play, let alone functional, we need a set of rules. We do add new rules and regulations when/if they are needed. So read on fellow gamer! However, if you can’t handle these rules we wish you luck in finding the game that suits your needs.

  1. Players are expected to post regularly. Once a week is acceptable, but we’d love and prefer multiple posts a week.
  2. If you do not respond to any of your threads within a week of being prompted by other participant posts, that thread has permission to move forward without you. This is to help prevent thread stagnating. Your character can be moved out of scene and will be treated as if they had not responded to other characters.
  3. If a player is absent for an extended period of time, the GM’s may remove them from the game with or without warning. They will have to re-apply if they wish to play again.
  4. Some light god modding is to be expected in any game, but don’t cross the line. We will remove players from the game for blatant or excessive God Modding. Don’t know what God Modding is? Then read this: God Modding Syndrome.
  5. Controlling, injuring, and/or killing another player’s character or NPC, without their permission, is not acceptable.
  6. We do not like cardboard character copies. This means no characters from a movie, game, anime, TV series, book series, etc. That’s unoriginal, and it’s also plagiarism.
  7. NO, and we repeat, NO rewriting/changing character history without GM permission. All character histories have to be complete in the character form, from birth to present in order to be approved.
  8. All players may only have up to four characters, unless otherwise stated. GM’s and Moderators are exempt, for story development purposes.
  9. No Guns. No Cannons. No Gun Powder. Never.
  10. Players are not allowed to portal/teleport their characters at any point; magically, accidentally, etc, at all, period.
  11. Rude behavior or harassment toward any player, GM or the group is not acceptable. If you have a problem contact the GM’s immediately. We don’t expect everyone to get along at all times, but be civil.
  12. This RPG is rated R for violence, language and adult situations, so players must be 18 years old or older in order to join. This, however, does not mean we are a smut RPG.
  13. All members must have their group email settings on either ‘Individual Emails’ or ‘Daily Digest’ in Yahoo Groups.
  14. No Lurkers. If you don’t plan to participate then don’t apply.
  15. By submitting a character to our game you are granting us permission to use it in our game, whether you are still a member of it or not. This means if you leave the game we can still use the character in the game. We can alter the character if need be, adopt it out to a new player, use it as an NPC, or feed it to rabid squirrels. Likely squirrels.
  16. Approved players agree to the rules and terms of use, whether they have read them or not. If a player breaks these agreements at any time they understand that the GM’s could remove them from the game with or without warning.
  17. The GM’s retain the right to control the game’s content. They can change, delete, add, and edit content as they see fit at any time.
  18. Last and certainly not least, have fun!