The Dark World RPG is an interactive fiction role playing game, where players participate in writing a story for characters they create in our unique world.

The DWRPG offers an extensive historical background, a large and diverse world, and a custom character system that gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves in an ever growing and evolving story.

We are a group of ardent writers, but at our core gamers, and it is our aim to create a truly unique gaming world that all writers, from novice to experienced, can participate in and enjoy. Our game can suit an array of writing tastes – epic adventures, drama, horror, comedy, romance, and everything in between.

If you have an active imagination, moderate writing skills, can participate regularly, are capable of following game guidelines, and work well with others then the DWRPG may be for you.

Game Status

We are sorry, but the DWRPG is currently CLOSED to new applicants. As support for Yahoo!Groups is now obsolete, we are working on a new system to run our game boards all in house. Since most of us have jobs and lives outside our game, development is a slow but steady process. We will reopen the game for applications again soon, so please come visit us again!

Thank you for your understanding.
~The Dark World RPG GM Team