About Us

Established in March 2001, the Dark World RPG is an original creation free-form fantasy role playing game run in a by-post story format.

Our beginnings were humble, and Dark World RPG was just a writing game set up on Yahoo!Groups by Tirus and some friends. Initially the game was loosely based on generalized fantasy with a mix of D&D terminology. Our writing was initially horrid! The game world was rough, our character sheets were simple, loosely planned plots, a lot less information on a small website based off Geocities.

Over time we improved, grew, and began writing our own content. Our player base expanded and eventually we started drifting away from D&D references.

We started working on creating our own unique realm. So the game was revamped with story adjustments, races, magic, and content. It was rough, to begin with, with simple character sheets, loosely planned plots, information that was a work in progress, all hosted on a small website based off Geocities. Yet we kept writing, and kept working, and it grew. We eventually purchased our own IP, and now host the darkworldrpg.com ourselves.

In the late 2010’s many of our player base began to go off into the world, living their lives, and PBeM roleplaying games seemed to slump. No one seemed interested in writing anymore.  Yahoo!Groups also closed it’s services, taking with it our game’s foundations. While we were able to catalogue all of our content before the shutdown, the Dark World RPG as we knew it was gone.

During this lull in gaming we got to work. We took our domain and began to develop an in-house solution. It has taken a lot of time, patience, and trial and error. Now the Dark World RPG is all hosted on our own servers, and we can continue to bring this game we love to you.

Lord Tirus, Lord Overseer

An avid gamer and roleplayer, Tirus began the Dark World RPG at 16 years old. He was once part of another PBeM game, where he discovered a love for writing and developing characters. That group was eventually disbanded, and so he took his original characters and decided to make his own game. The rest is history. Tirus is in charge of overall approval of applications and information, enforcer of the rules, develops content, aids players, and helps to control the game’s overall plot.

Astral-Deva, Web Administrator

While not new to roleplaying in general, this would be Astral-Deva’s first major pbem and first go at co-moderating a PBeM game. Sister to Tirus, Astral-Deva reluctantly joined DWRPG due to Tirus’ overeager pestering. Over time she began to really love the game, developing content, and interacting with players. Astral-Deva is a freelance illustrator and web designer and has helped develop all of the concept art and the DWRPG website. GM Astral-Deva oversees character applications, enforces game rules, helps develop content, aids players, and is web administrator.