About Us

Established in 2001, the Dark World RPG is an original creation free-form fantasy role playing game run in a by-post story format. We are a fully moderated group with an active GM team, who are constantly at work helping players and creating game content. Players can participate in the expansive game world with room for sub plots and player driven threads. We strive for a fun gaming experience that is dynamic, engaging, and continuously evolving. Our fantasy realm can suit an array of writing tastes, such as drama, horror, adventure, comedy, romance and more.

For in depth detailing on how posting works in our game, visit our FAQ page.

However, please don’t let the depth of our game realm intimidate you. It’s there for reference if needed, but we don’t expect you to read it all at once. Also, we aren’t authorities on the English language. We are just a group of people who love writing and creating stories. So please don’t feel that we expect perfection in our game, as that is certainly not the case. If you enjoy writing, roleplaying, and can work well with others, then that’s all you need to participate.

What we do expect is for players to post regularly, follow rules and enjoy the game as much as we do. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

How we began…

Our beginnings were humble, and Dark World RPG wasn’t anywhere near as structured or original as it is today. Initially the game was loosely based on our own story elements, but there was a lot of Dungeons & Dragons terminology used for the game at the time.

However, we decided that we no longer wanted to use the D&D background and took an entirely new direction, writing out all D&D references and creating our own unique realm. So the game was revamped with story adjustments, a completely custom magic system and unique races. And so the Dark World RPG you see today was born. It was rough, to begin with, with simple character sheets, few players, loosely planned plots, a lot less information on a small website based off Geocities. Yet the site grew as did the information, storyline, and our player base.

We eventually obtained our own domain and have worked very hard to make Dark World RPG the successful PBeM it is today. We’ve had many people participate in our adventures over the years, and have a really fantastic group of players still involved in the development and progression of the game.

Tirus, Owner and Creator

An avid gamer, Tirus began role playing at a very early age. He was once part of another PBeM game with his characters Xeno and Gornaz. That group was deleted without warning by its owner, and so he had these two characters he had grown rather fond of and no game to play. So he decided to make his own game. Tirus is the head GM, in charge of overall approval of applications and information, enforcer of the rules, develops content, and helps to control the game’s overall plot.

Astral Deva ‘Jen’, Co-owner, Co-Creator, Resident Artist and Web Master

This would be Jen’s first major pbem and first go at co-moderating a PBeM game, but not new at role playing in general. Jen is a freelance illustrator and web designer. She helps to create much of the character concept work for the Dark World RPG, and has gone through many different designs for the website until reaching our latest design. GM Jen oversees character applications, enforces game rules, helps develop content, aids players, and is web master for the Dark World RPG site.

James, Moderator

James joined the Dark World RPG in early 2006. With his attention for detail, voice of reason, and writing skills he easily transitioned into the game realm. He began to create lore for the game, and was eventually appointed Moderator to the game for all his efforts. James helps to oversee character applications, aids Tirus and Jen to enforce rules, helps develop content, and offers assistance to members when needed.