** Not a playable race. For game devices and npc use only.

A humanoid race of Calamia the Aerions are what appear to be a form of bird and man combined. They are an aloof race of people, who do not intermix with the other races of Calamia. They are, however, fiercely territorial, and will scare people out of their lands, or kill, if need be. While they are an intelligent species, aerion are not easy to communicate with.

An Aerions entire body is covered in feathers ranging in just about any pattern, hue and style similar to any other bird species. Feathers play an important factor in the lives of Aerions, especially for males to attract mates. Appearance wise the Aerions have the facial structure of a bird of prey, with hooked beaks that show they are an omnivorous species. Their bills are hard and sharp, being used to crush their food or tear it apart, and also as a defensive weapon if need be. Aerions have no nose structure, they breathe through two nostrils situated near the base of the top mandible of their bills.

Their eyes are bird like, wide with no visible white. An Aerions eyes can be any shade imaginable, from the deepest black to the palest white, though they always have black pupils. Aerions also lack the externally visible part of the ear that most humanoids have, their ear is simply a tube on the right and left side of the skull that leads to the eardrum, and is hidden under a light covering of feathers.

Physically the Aerions are constructed just like a bird in most regards, walking upright on their lower legs, however they have human like arms that end in hands with fingers. Their fingers tend to be long and dainty in comparison to humans. Each finger is tipped with a long strong black talon, and their arms are feathered all the way down to the back of their hands to just about the knuckles, where the feathers break way for a similar skin texture as their lower legs and feet. Their wings are separate from their arms, coming out of their back, and vary in width and height. At the end of their tailbone, just above the buttocks, their tail plumage sticks out, varying in width, length and style. On average an Aerions tail is three feet or longer.

Their lower legs are quite different than a man’s, being shaped like a birds. Their thighs are well muscled and feathered, but just below the knee their feathers stop and the lower leg is scaly and thin looking. They have four toes, the first three toes facing forward and the fourth toe facing backward, each toe long and thick. This helps them keep their balance and also for grasping. Each toe is tipped with a long deadly talon. An Aerion can range from 4′ (shortest) in height to 5′ 7”(tallest) the females being smaller than the males.

Although they mate similar to humanoids, the Aerion females lay eggs, usually one egg, though in some rare cases two. They incubate these eggs just like any other bird species, the incubation period lasting about three months, and once hatched their children are dependent on them for sustenance. They are small, with soft downy fuzz on them. Their eyes are open and they are quite alert at this age, however they do not learn to speak or walk for some time. Aerion children are fully capable of eating solid foods from birth, though usually small or mashed up portions.
Because the Aerion are an egg laying species the females have no breasts, just a feathered torso like a male Aerion. Their torsos are slimmer and less bulky, though. Although Aerions are born differently than most humanoids they have nearly the same lifespan, reaching adulthood at about 16 years of age, magical maturity at 16, and living to a maximum of 120 years.

Aerions are a social race, living together in clans in the mountains or dense tropical forests. They create their homes in high places, making them extremely difficult to access for those without flight.

The Aerions are typically a peaceful race, yet are fierce and dangerous warriors. They do not tend to trust outsiders openly.

Many Aerions will be seen living in the company of raptors, typically owls, hawks, eagles and falcons.