Cereth Leganon

Player:   TirusCereth Leganon

Character Name:   Cereth Leganon

Alias/Nickname:   The Pervert- mainly by Chika

Race:    Human (Thelaharan)

True Age:   20

Apparent Age:   N/A

Sex:   Male

Height:   5’9″

Weight:   187 lb

Hair Color/Style:   Golden blonde hair that is spiked.

Eyes:   Brilliant sky blue.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos:   N/A

Physical Appearance:   Cereth is quite a handsome man. He appears to be in perfect shape, being rather muscular, yet not overly so.

Class:   Warrior – Con Artist

Skills:   Creation

Professions:   Con Artist

Carried Possessions:   A small leather pouch used to hold coins (almost always empty). A Creation Magite that is attached to his metal gauntlet.

Clothing and Armor:    Cereth tends to wear clothing that isn’t too extravagant, if not common in appearance. His frequent choice of clothing is usually just a simple pair of brown trousers and a tan white colored shirt. Over his clothing, he usually wears a wondrous suit of finely crafted golden armor that has the sole purpose to make him give a great first impression… appearance wise.

Weapons:   A normal longsword with fancy designs and a dagger of similar design.

Likes:   Women, riches, and glory. Playing pranks and teasing folk, acting, stories and legends, flirting and/or being extremely friendly with the ladies, and duping arrogant nobles and merchants into buying worthless junk and/or selling or trading valuable objects. He also positively loves being “the hero” for any pretty lady.

Dislikes:   Really big and scary demons, the Devourer of Souls, mallets, people picking on or harming the innocent (especially should the “innocent” be a beautiful woman), unfair odds, mobs, snobby nobles and merchants, and being locked up in a dungeon.

Merits:   Above average strength, excellent swordsman and Magus (though are rarely shown), intelligent, good at influencing and/or tricking people, and speed is unmatched when and only when fleeing from danger or chasing after a beautiful woman (a phenomenon that still baffles all who have witnessed it to this day)

Flaws:   Has a complex where he must save any beautiful lady who may be in trouble, no matter how perilous it may be. Unless it involves a beautiful woman or a dear friend, when in the face of a huge and ugly, or even powerful demon, he will almost always immediately flee at super sonic speeds. Cannot resist a good con. Will chase after any pretty lady in an attempt to get them in the sack (which he has yet to succeed at doing to this day). Constantly has a nightmare of an evil mephit smashing him with a mallet again and again. He is more talk than show half of the time and tends to act before thinking in most situations, which usually result in him getting in trouble.

Worst Fear:   Big, ugly, and powerful demons. To die before he is able to experience the pleasures of life. Giant mallets.

Personality:   In the eyes of most that know him, Cereth appears to be a complete pervert who will chase after any beautiful woman. Though true in most cases, he is a kind and caring man. If someone he considers to be a friend is in danger, he will not think twice before lending him or her a hand. However, should this not be the case, he won’t hesitate in running from a battle against certain kinds of demons. He positively loves to play the part of the “hero”, and because of this, will endure great risks to save a beautiful woman or a friend. With a natural knack for conning people, combined with his Creation magic abilities, Cereth has become quite a skillful actor who can easily deceive most people into believing whatever he wants them to believe.

History:   The seventh born child of twelve in the Leganon family. Cereth was blessed with the perfect combination of his father’s strength and looks as well as his mother’s intelligence. He was raised like any child from a noble family line would have. He has been fully trained in the way of swordplay as well as taught how to manipulate his energies through the use of Magite. Cereth showed little ability with most types of magic, but excelled greatly in Creation.

Since birth it had been planned that Cereth would wed the eldest daughter of the Hanuiva family. Such an alliance between the two noble families would have benefited both sides greatly. When Cereth had reached the age of sixteen, the two families had already begun the preparations for the sacred union. However, Cereth wouldn’t have any of it. He refused to marry a woman that he did not love for the sake of the family name.

When his father received word of this from their son, he was greatly outraged and thus gave him an ultimatum: either wed the Hanuiva girl or forever be known as a stranger to their family. Cereth chose the latter. That very day he was thrown out of his own home with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Having no money to purchase any necessities, Cereth began figuring out ways to gain money. The path to gaining easy money attracted him the most and thus he began his trade as a con artist. Since then has traveled about Calamia, swindling nobles of their money and valuables.

Most people from the villages Cereth has ever passed by are probably able to recall the con artist, either by how he cheated them or how he had continuously chased after the village’s beautiful maidens. One day, while he was chasing after a young maiden, an earth mephit named Chika decided to play a prank on Cereth. The mephit’s prank worked stupendously, until the con artist figured out it was a trick. Strangely enough, even though Chika had thwarted his pursuit for the maiden, the two became quite good friends.

In the beginning Cereth constantly tried to get Chika to help him in his quest to swoon beautiful women. The result was never quite like what he was expecting; instead the earth mephit would deny his plans with a thorough bashing with a magical mallet. Eventually Cereth came up with a plan to pose himself as the legendary demon slayer, Rand. Swindling a wealthy merchant out of a fine suit of golden armor and with the help of Chika’s Illusion abilities, his stunning looks and Creation magic, the charade was a smashing success.

Parading about Lagunis as “Rand”, Cereth’s show came to an end upon reaching the city of Calora. For several days his farce worked, however, due to the widespread rumors of Rand returning from the dead, the Lord of the Demons sent his loyal servant Kain, the Devourer of Souls to put an end to fake hero’s act. With the help of Dorian, Kain eventually gave up on trying to assassinate the con artist. Though Cereth had survived, the damage had already been done, and because of his lies he and Chika were thrown into the dungeon.

Cereth and his small comrade remained trapped within the castle dungeons for over a week, until the night of a lycanthrope attack, where he swiped a set of keys from the distracted guards and freed himself and Chika. Escaping from the city, he was once more free to continue his quest to obtaining his dreams.