Siobhan Hail

Player: Terri

Character Name: Siobhan Hail

 Alias/Nickname: N/A

 Race: Nevian

Age/Date of Birth: 98, Frostdown 3020

 Apparent Age: 36

Gender: Female

 Height: 5’ 8”

 Weight: 135lb

 Hair Color/Style: Thick and without a hint of curl, Siobhan’s hair is a deep, dark brown, worn pulled back from her face in a series of small French-braids from her temples back to the crown of her head, before falling in an untied tail to the middle of her shoulder blades. In firelight, or bright sunlight, highlights of rich auburn can be seen throughout the mane. Often, to pass the time, Siobhan will whittle and carve decorative wooden beads to weave into her hair.

Eyes: Amber, wide-set, almond-shaped

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Although covered in many little scars, the most notable are the thick, raised scar across her right hip bone and the several running across her palms, backs of her hands, and her forearms, all of which incurred during time in her animal form.

Physical Appearance (Natural Form): True to her paternal heritage, Siobhan is lean with long muscles and slender limbs, a slight waist and what most humans would consider a small bosom. Although having the delicate features and tipped ears of her Deshiven ancestry, she appears almost to be a slender-framed human. Siobhan’s skin tone, in daylight and firelight, appears to come from a lineage similar to the golden-skinned Migotians. In the dark, though, or distantly lit by only the night sky, a pale grey-purple, almost silver, undertone will catch the eye. Even though she is mindful of her telltale ears, Siobhan cannot deny the practical use of them. On each ear (for symmetry of course), from lobe to tip, Siobhan has five piercings, often adorned with wooden earrings engraved with runes. In an exotic sense, Siobhan is striking. However, the faint traces of her ancestry often cause pause in most onlookers.

Physical Appearance (Animal Form): Siobhan has only learned to take on 2 forms in her lifetime. The first, a small, dark screech owl. The second, a black jaguar. In both forms, Siobhan’s amber eyes brightly display her familiarity to those she recognizes.

Class: Druid 2

Skills: Combat / One-Handed Straight Swords 2, Ritual / Rune Imbuing 1, Ritual / Rune Command 2

Abilities: Dual Wield 1

Professions: Huntsman

Carried Possessions: Raised by an order of druids, Siobhan learned early that earthly or sentimental possessions are cumbersome and unnecessary. Without a family more than the Order that brought her up, she has no need, nor understanding for that matter, of heirlooms or trinkets. She does have a favourite pair of swords – the ones she first trained with, inset with amber and jade leaf-shaped stones at the hilts. When taking on her animal forms, all other possessions, including clothing, are replaceable, but those swords are hidden and stored away for when she has a chance to return. If realistically possible, whatever Siobhan has managed to collect in the recent period of her natural form will be stashed away with the swords, but there is no real loss if they don’t fit whatever cubby hole is available or need to be abandoned elsewhere. She can always “borrow” some more another time.

Clothing and Armor: Siobhan is drawn to clothing of natural colours, with leathers and woven fabrics in greens and browns. If given the choice, she will select leather leggings with high-laced boots and a leather vest, but she is practical enough to use whatever she can find when pickings are thin. The druid has long-since learned the lessons of what reactions people have if they recognize her heritage by chance and will often where a scarf (usually a shade of green) or cloak with a hood in the case of cold weather to cover the majority of her face, but most definitely her ears. When time permits, Siobhan will usually take an opportunity to practice and improve her rune imbuing skill. These runes are usually worn in the form of large wooden earrings or pendants and charms on necklaces and bracelets. She may not always use them all before her next shift, but she figures she can always find her way back to them or leave them for another druid to find.

Weapons: Twin short-swords, with amber and jade leaf-shaped insets on either side of each hilt.

.:Character’s Personal Information:.

Likes: Symmetry, patterns, organization, pre-planning, animals, nature, stone structures and architectural feats of wonder (from a distance)

Dislikes: Disorder and chaos, large crowds, loud noises, surprises

Merits: Brave, fierce, perfectionist, planner, patient, practical, quick reflexes/thinking, rational (when in control), reserved, self-assured, lucky

Flaws: Blunt, bold, overly confident, high expectations, immovable from decisions, illiterate (with the exception of runes and the Ethyene language), immodest, irrational and unpredictable (when her plans have to change), perfectionist, reclusive, self-righteous

Worst Fears: Being returned to the Deshiven and/or being enslaved.

Personality: Having heard her entire life that she excels at everything she does, Siobhan has high expectations of the people surrounding her. She knows, and suspects that maybe one or two of her closest trainers might too, that she has never truly used all of her available effort to do anything. This has caused her to believe that the people surrounding her could be so much more if they tried just a little bit. She pushes people to be better (at least that is how she sees it).

She enjoys being alone – not so much that she is a ‘lone wolf’ or dislikes being around others, but just that she doesn’t mind spending long periods with just herself to keep her company. This has been an asset when travelling long distances by herself. Being alone most of the time has also leant Siobhan to learn to plan for herself. Decisions are easy for here, especially since she is usually the only one impact in whatever choice or plan she makes. But, if something gets in the way of those plans, her mood is deeply impacted. Usually, she will become sullen and irritable, but, if she is thrown far enough off of her intended course, those around her will experience her temper.

These swings in her mood at being unable to control her own life and what is happening to her is the predominant cause for fearing the remote possibility that she may one day be enslaved. After growing old enough to hear what the outside world thought and knew of her cave-dwelling predecessors, the idea of being unable to make her own decisions and living in any way that someone else wished is a fear that sits deep at the back of her mind whenever things do not go her way.

As she has been raised to be, and just how living in the wild would do, Siobhan has a deep understanding and appreciation for the natural world and all animals that dwell in, swim through, or fly over it. She hunts because it is the cycle of nature. She only sells what she kills to those to need the food, not in bulk or to others who can obtain it themselves, and only so that she can afford the bare minimum when in towns and cities. Siobhan tries to live as simply and practically as possible, with the least impact to the world around her that she can control.

History: Siobhan was not born ‘Siobhan Hail’. In fact, when she was born, no one bothered to name her at all. The product of an unfortunate deshiven master and human slave pairing, she was deemed a bastard and abomination the moment her mother started showing, and was destined for abandonment the same day. Siobhan’s father had no use for a halfblood bastard, nor any desire to expose himself to the embarrassment of having one. But, being the deshiven patriot that he was, he could not bring himself to terminate the pregnancy – halfblood bastard or not, this child carried in it half the blood of a great deshiven leader. It deserved the chance, no matter how slim, to make its own way. Her mother had no say in the matter, but had she, she was not so unkind as to bring a child into her station. And, so, they ventured out from the caves and left her, not even a full day old, in the swamp at the base of the southernmost tip of the Shadowspire Mountains.

That was where the Order of Jade Willow, moving through the area at the time looking for others that shared their appreciation of the land, skies, and seas, by chance found Siobhan’s parents hurrying away from their crying child.

Siobhan never knew anything of her mother, much less her father, and knew nothing of her situation until she realized that the human children in the Order that had adopted her were growing faster than her, maturing earlier. Until that realization, she had thought herself to be human. The Order had no mirrors, nor need for other reflections on vanity, so she never saw her own face as a child.

Fortunately, while the nomadic Order of Jade Willow was made up heavily of humans, a number of the members were other races, as well, including bakhyar, kojintora, elsyven, and even a few mephits. They apparently recognized her for what she truly was,and took the time to share their family histories and similarities with her. Eventually, as she grew older, the other druids shared what varying knowledge they had of the society that she could have been raised in if things had been different. Having seen the people who abandoned her, those members had been able to put together a reasonable estimate to her heritage.

The animal forms Siobhan chose did not come to her easily. Having travelled far through the continent of Auraton and beginning forays into the edges of Feyhdar and Tristalin, by the time she was an adolescent, Siobhan was exposed to such a vast array of landscapes, climates, and ecologies that her choices had seemed almost endless. But at the time that she was to select her first form, just like any child, the young druid wanted most to have something she could not. And, so, she took the form of a screech owl for nearly two years. By far her most common form, the bird form allowed her to see much more of Calamia than she otherwise would have.

For those who do not know members of the Order of Jade Willow well, or who have only heard passing rumours, the Order is known more for its warrior nature than its commune with the land. Aggressively protecting habitats of rare creatures, over the centuries the Order has had to learn and grow its strengths. Larges parts of Siobhan’s studies were in fighting. This, in part, led to the selection of Siobhan’s second animal form – a strong but stealthy jaguar.. A form that could maintain her mobility (although much less so than the owl) but be hidden in the dark when it was time to watch and fierce enough to protect the land that needed her.

As she aged, it became apparently to the Order that Siobhan was dedicated to her class and serious about her studies. With her ability to enter into human societies, appearing, when her ears were discretely covered, to be just another one of them and still having an ability to understand and communicate with other races and understand the limitations of halfbloods, she was the ideal ambassador for the Order. And, so, Siobhan travels Calamia, looking for young potential students with an awareness and appreciation of nature. In her 45 years of searching, she has found less than a handful she decided were even worth putting forward to the Order.