Aethis Marion

Player:   Astral Deva

Character Name: Aethis Marion

Alias/Nickname: N/A

Race: Human

Age/Date of Birth: 20

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Height: 5′ 5″

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Color/Style: A dark auburn red bordering on a rich mahogany brown, which hangs to her waist in waves. It is typically pulled back into a ponytail at the base of her neck, sometimes bound into a common hair style.  She rarely wears it loose, but when she does it’s like mane framing her face and shoulders.

Eyes: Pale violet-blue

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: She has a scar that cuts across the top edge of her left eyebrow that cuts a line through the brow and disappears down into the corner fold of her eyelid. She has other minor scars on her body, a few cut lines across a few of her fingers, but nothing else of serious note.

Physical Appearance: Aethis is of average height and has an hourglass figure with c-cup breasts.  She has long dainty fingers and small feet. Her skin is pale, and she has a light spattering of brown freckles on her skin.  Most notable are the few on her face: one on the curve of her right cheek bone, one on the left side of her face on her temple, and one on her right jaw line close to her ear. Her face is oval with high cheekbones and a pointed chin – showing that Elsyven had likely been in her family’s lineage at some point in the past. Aethis’ eyes are large and almond shaped with thick dark lashes, but hooded, giving her a gentle somewhat sad expression.  Her brows are not overtly thick, but are dark like her hair, making the dissection of her left brow by her scar more noticeable. Her nose is narrow, but not long, with a roundness to the tip. Her lips are not full, nor are they very thin, but pleasantly in-between and are a slightly ruddier color than her complexion. Aethis is not a delicate nor an extraordinary beauty by social standards, but she can be considered pretty.

Class: Non-Classed

Skills:   Combat/ Dagger 1

Abilities: N/A

Professions: Herbalist/Apothecary, Nurse (can treat, stitch, and mend most minor to moderately severe wounds, care for most general illness and ailments.  Not very skilled in caring for major life-threatening injuries. Not capable of surgeries or amputations.)

Carried Possessions: A necklace with a pendant of a tree encased in a circle, showing her membership in the Herbalists Guild. When traveling, she takes a special pack she designed to store many different herbs in pouches and small vials. Two long hair pins, that she typically crisscrosses together in her hair. They are about the only pretty decoration she wears, and also double as a weapon in a pinch.

Clothing and Armor: Aethis typically wears dresses of modern styling, and almost always fitted for horseback riding. Nothing is overly adorned or embroidered, although she will wear patterns on occasion. She prefers lighter clothing and simpler styles in linen and some cottons, and will mix and match them in her attire. She currently wears knee high dark brown riding boots, cotton cream colored leggings with a short linen cream chemise that has lace trim on the bottom hem. The lace sticks out from under her short high-low style dress which is slightly longer in the back and on the sides than in the front, the front ending just past her knees. It has quarter sleeves that end at the elbow, and it is made of a deep green linen.  Over the dress she wears a brown leather underbust vest that buttons up the front with simple brass buttons. A thick brown belt at her waist clasps over the dress, which has rings to attach two small satchels on either hip, and the two sheathes for her daggers. Aethis prefers to wear long tailored riding coats with a hood vs cloaks and wears soft brown leather gloves while riding.

Weapons: Aethis keeps two daggers on her, for protection as much as they are for her work.  One is a silver blade, the costlier of the two, and is well crafted. Yet neither pieces have any gemstones or detailing, just simple hilts wrapped in brown leather.

.:Character’s Personal Information:.

Likes:  Plants, drawing plants, nature, butterflies, moths, cute things, horses and horseback riding, honey, wine, tea, taking walks in quiet places, swimming, dancing, watching people laugh and being happy.

Dislikes: Overbearing people, unnecessary violence, child and animal neglect, chauvinists, sickness, spiders,

Merits: Clever, considerate, open-minded, amiable, formally educated, realistic, decent artist (draws plants in a sketchbook), decent cook, resourceful

Flaws: Aimless, stubborn, blunt, reckless (herself), soft hearted, gullible, relentless(work)

Worst Fears:  Godric haunting her as a ghost, or worse, Godric being alive and finding her.  Meeting her parents. Plagues. Being rendered completely helpless.

Personality: Aethis tends to take things one day at a time and makes the best of each day. She is by all accounts a wanderer at heart and has no desire to change it, and so won’t settle in a place for too long. Her desire is to see the world, as much of it as she can, and to do some good along the way.

Aethis is not a true optimist, but tries her best to find something in each day to be happy about, even if it’s as simple as having a sunny day.  Things could always be worse, and in her line of work she sees worse all too often. That isn’t to say she doesn’t have her fair share of bad days, or bouts of depression, moments when she breaks down and cries, but she has a strong spirit and rebounds quickly. While her expression may seem indifferent, her eyes sparkle with life and the possibilities that are out there – it’s a big world and she wants to explore it, see its wonders, and learn all she can.

She is not naive about the dangers of the world, and while she may seem a bit carefree, a past and experience and her work taught her to always be prepared, and to know how to defend herself if necessary. Aethis has learned to be sensitive to others, and has not only a good bedside manner but a generally kind personality. This doesn’t mean she hasn’t learned to speak up or be brutally honest when necessary, even if it is bold or blunt. To those she befriends she is warm, intelligent, and easy to talk to.  When she actually smiles it lights up her entire face, and she has a good enough sense of humor to laugh at things, and even herself from time to time.

Whatever it is she is feeling, be it happy, sad or angry, it shows on her face, as she’s not very good at hiding her feelings. It takes a lot of pushing to really get her at tirade level, though, but once she’s there she’ll tear into people without mercy or remorse. Usually at that point they deserve her ire.

She enjoys simple pleasures in life, such as a warm cup of tea, people watching, listening to other people talk, from their ordinary every day to extraordinary stories.  She loves being out in nature and could spend an entire day just wandering local forests and fields. She’s unconcerned by materialistic things and has no desire to amass wealth or gain prestige of any kind. Aethis is humble, honest, and down to earth.

History: Aethis Marion was born on Florarest 24th to the Duke Clermont of Rhyndor and her mother – a common tavern worker.  She was a bastard child, and as soon as her mother gave birth to her she was given up to an orphanage – The Wards of Castille.  It was a sizeable estate in the small village of Haleford along the shores of the Lucine River, at the edge of the border between Rhyndor and Jalaras.  It would be here that Aethis would spend the next eighteen years of her life.

Her childhood was not anything remarkable, nor was it entirely horrific. There were good times as often as there were bad.  Aethis remembers getting treats and hearing fantastic stories, as well as getting switched, punished, and scolded most cruelly.  The orphanage was a blessing in some ways, though, as it made sure that all the children received a good education, teaching them arts, literature, history and mathematics so that the children could inevitably leave and do well for themselves.  Some of the girls went on to be governesses and teachers. Many of the boys would get skills in trades or join the military.

When she was old enough to do chores, she was first tasked with caring for their gardens, pulling weeds, pruning plants, and gathering them for the kitchens.  This began her love of the earth and nature, learning all about their food uses, and later their medicinal purposes. As she grew older her responsibilities increased, and she began to care for the horses that were stabled on their grounds, and while the care of the stables was mostly the boy’s responsibility, she helped with their grooming and general care. She loved when she got the opportunity to go out riding.

Her aptitude for learning herbs eventually earned her a much coveted apprenticeship with local apothecaries, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey, and so she gained a wealth of knowledge from them both.  She learned general first aid, how to stitch injuries, and create ointments, salves, and tonics. Aethis really excelled, and was working with them without much direction after just a few months.

Around her fifteenth year at the orphanage, when she started growing into her woman’s body, the boys started to take notice of her.  One, who was a few years older than herself, began to bully her relentlessly – from her perspective for no apparent reason. Godric Dauphine was a tall yet lean boy with broad shoulders, long raven hair and sharp eyes, with hawkish features.  He’d always been a troublemaker, even as a kid, and he became even more rakish and brazen as he grew older. He intimidated her not just in height and presence, but also in the way that he looked at her. So she made it a point to avoid him as much as possible.  Some of the other boys joined in on his taunting and teasing, and so at a certain point she stopped visiting the stables and stuck to the main grounds or the girl’s dormitory, and delved more into her apprenticeship.

Aethis did find affection with one boy, Soren, a pleasant boy with golden brown hair and charming features.  He also had an apprenticeship in the town, at the local blacksmith. They would walk together in the afternoons, and it began with simple innocent flirting, and eventually they stole a few kisses.  Yet this would be a short-lived romance, as one day Soren did not show up for their walk. Later she’d learned that he’d been beaten severely by Godric. After that Soren avoided Aethis like she were the devil incarnate.  With her first heartbreak under her belt, Aethis buried herself in her studies and training. With new determination she began to discuss with the school’s headmistress her plans for leaving the orphanage when she became of age.

Miss Sara was the new headmistress, and had been one of Aethis’ favorite instructors.  She was stern but in the way that was necessary for such a place, but underneath it all Miss Sara was kind and could see each of the children for their merits. The woman became not only her liaison for her future life outside the orphanage, but in some ways, a friend.  Aethis spoke to Miss Sara of her problems with Godric and his friends, and knew he was an unpleasant young man. Yet she told Aethis not to worry, for he would be leaving the orphanage long before her.

And he did, which lessened her stress over the last few years there. At last the time had come, and all Aethis was waiting on was a reply to her recommendation letter from Miss Sara to the herbalists guild in Altair.  If accepted she would have the prestige of such a large, respected and renowned guild, allowing her to be a traveling herbalist with credentials. Aethis had never been to a city, honestly she’d never been outside Haleford, so she was excited that the door to the world was going to open for her. When she received the letter that she was accepted Aethis cried tears of joy.  Everything she had worked so hard for was coming to pass.

It was to be her last week at the orphanage, and so she found herself wandering the grounds often. She knew she was saying a silent goodbye to the place she’d lived her entire life.  She knew she wouldn’t miss it, not truly. It was a place, but it was not nor did it ever feel like a home.

As she walked through the stables for the last time, she paused when she saw the familiar frame of Godric standing in the far door frame.  Her chest tightened with apprehension. Why was he here? It had been two years since she’d seen him, and she’d hoped never to again. He had grown into his face more, having light stubble along his chin.  He wore fine clothing, tailored well, fitting his tall frame snuggly. Turning and looking at her Godric smirked, and began to say how he’d come into some wealth from his merchant apprenticeship. He was now a merchant in his own right, and had come back to procure some… workers.  Aethis congratulated him on his success, but knew he wasn’t finished, as he started slowly walking towards her. His eyes looked her over, like hot coals, and she felt her skin prickle in alarm.

He began to say how she was different than all the other girls here.  While the others were fickle, stupid, or easily swayed to his whims… she was not.  “You were my favorite play thing. I love the faces you make…” He said coolly, pausing just out of arm’s reach, lifting his chin to look down his nose at her. Aethis remembers her body turning icily cold as he told her he’d paid the headmaster handsomely for her, and that she was now his ‘property’.  Her mouth went dry and she tried backing away, shaking her head vehemently at him, refusing to believe it. But every step she took back he took forward, closing the gap more. She tried saying she wasn’t a ward anymore, and that he couldn’t purchase people in the first place, to which he just laughed at.  “Do you honestly think these people care what happens to you? You have been a burden to them since the day you arrived. He was all too happy to take my money and sign you over to me as a servant. Now you are mine… and I’ll get to see all the faces you can make.”  He said, his grin broadening and eyes glittering darkly.

Aethis couldn’t take it anymore, she went to run away.  It couldn’t be true! Her freedom was just within reach, the world was just a step away, and it was all to be taken away by Godric?  No!

Her legs didn’t carry her far beyond the barn doors before he grappled her in his arms and took her to the ground, a short scream bursting from her lips before his weight crushed the wind from her lungs. Everything after that moment was a blur of hands and limbs, of pain, struggling and fear. The next thing she knew she was sitting on the ground several feet away from him, panting desperately, her eyes wide and wild, blood seeping from a gash across her brow. In her hand she held a rock, coated in blood, and Godric’s body lay motionless.

When Miss Sara came out of the barn she saw Aethis sitting there, in shock, and immediately ran to her. Seeing Miss Sara the rock tumbled from her hand and she started bawling. Miss Sara grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. She shook Aethis hard, told her to stop crying, and to breathe and pull herself together. She then instructed Aethis to help her move his body into one of the horse stalls. “It’ll look like a horse kicked him. Quickly.” Aethis did not want to touch him, but did as Miss Sara said.  They dumped his limp body in one of the more feisty horses stalls. She instructed Aethis to press a cloth to her eye, and then checked the wound. It was not deep, but it would likely leave a scar. She told Aethis to go to the side gate on the other side of the estate, avoid being seen, and head to the Chauncey’s.

When she reached the gate, she ran to the Chauncey’s, who were shocked. They took her in, and kept her there, tending to her injury.  It felt like she waited forever, and then a knock came to the door. Miss Sara called that it was her, and came in with a satchel of Aethis’ belongings in hand.  She told them the situation, and that Aethis needed to leave tonight for Altair. The estate was abuzz with Godric’s ‘accident’, and she wanted Aethis to be as far away as possible.

Mr. Chauncey prepared a horse, and when he helped Aethis into the saddle he told her it was hers, a gift, for her success and all the help she had given them over the years. He told her he was proud that she’d been accepted into the guild, and wished that some of his own grand children were as amiable as her.  Aethis was touched, and thanked them both for everything. Miss Sara handed her the acceptance letter, with tears in her eyes. The last thing she heard as she rode away was Miss Sara shouting to her. “You’ll do some good in this world, Aethis, I know it!”

It took several days on the road, only stopping to sleep off the road when she grew too tired. As the road gave way and Altair came into view Aethis was awestruck.  It was certainly the most grand and beautiful place she’d ever seen in her entire life. She found the herbalist’s guild with some direction, and began her initiation and training not soon after. Aethis lived in Altair for two years learning as much as she could from the guild and local herbalists.  In all that time she heard nothing from Miss Sara, not even a letter, nor any word about Godric. Truth be told, Aethis was relieved.

Finishing her studies she was given a high accreditation to work as a traveling herbalist, and gifted the guild’s insignia; a necklace with a great tree encased in a circle..

Aethis left Altair after her accreditation, and now travels from town to town, learning more and selling her services as an herbalist.