Count Volrin Dashar

Name: Tirus
Character Name: Volrin Kevrath Dashar
Alias/Nickname: Count Dashar, the Dark Rogue
Race: True Vampire
True Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Long raven black hair tied back into a low ponytail.
Eyes: A captivating dark brown with streaks of silver and blue.
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: N/A
Physical Appearance: Due to being in the dark for countless millennia, his flesh has taken a deathly pale hue, almost a light blue. Even so, Volrin’s features are most striking, almost perfect in appearance, seeming as though he had come straight from a masterful painting or sculpture. He is in top shape, however, upon first glance one would be unable to tell what his physique is until further inspection, being hidden by his fanciful clothing. Nobility and confidence seem to constantly radiate from his very being.
Class: Necromancer, Rogue Vampire Lord
Skills: Dark, Illusion, Spirit


Carried Possessions: A pouch filled with gold for travel, a wooden cane made from a mysterious wood, and a golden signet ring with a serpent entwined around a staff.
Clothing and Armor: Volrin wears no visible armor. His choice of clothing tends to change depending on what is available. All choices of clothing are always stylish and/or flashy and dark in color.
Weapons: Volrin carries no actual weapons. He does have a habit, should the need arise, of using his cane as a bludgeon.
Likes: Playing cruel games on the mortals and even his brethren, the torment of others, granting the dark gift unto those who are unwilling, human blood, wine.
Dislikes: Vampire hunters, holy people, silver, humans.
Merits: Cunning and extremely charismatic.
Flaws: Arrogant almost to an extreme, plays games with his victims far too often.
Worst Fear: Burning to death in the sunlight. To live to see all there is to see and find no more amusement in life.

Personality:   Volrin is as charming as he is handsome. He is a pure gentleman to those around him, even his enemies. Behind this charade a sinister creature resides. Cruel and deceitful in all respects, Volrin cares nothing for the living. Mortals are simply pawns waiting to be used. Nothing pleases him more than tearing away any happiness the mortals may have.

History:   A once proud general of the former vampire army. Volrin was born with a natural talent in swordplay. At the age of fourteen he pledged his allegiance to Dimitrious Pendral Tempes. With his near unmatched skills with the blade, he easily grew in favor of the Vampire Lord and was eventually bestowed the honor of the Dark Gift when he reached the age of twenty-eight.

When the tides of war came to the world of Ishtar, Volrin was given the task of being general over the first unit to enter the Demon Wars. The desert city, Shanar, was the vampires’ first targets. The humans were easily defeated, however, before their victory was complete, the sun rose. Having slain the king of Shanar, Volrin was greeted by the warm light of Calamia from within the castle walls. Watching his comrades burn within the sunlight, he managed to escape within the darkness of a cellar. When night returned, Volrin left the safety of the cellar to find all of his comrades gone—burnt all to ashes by the world’s horrendous sun. Those others who had survived were caught by the remaining humans and burned at the stake. Severely burned and weakened, Volrin fled from the city, never to see it again.

Since that fateful day, Volrin has undergone a radical change. Wanting to make the human scum and their allies suffer as he and his comrades had, he broke his oaths to the Vampire Lord. Now he roams the world of Calamia converting any and all people he so chooses. He has earned the title of the Dark Rogue by his brethren—being known to have converted entire villages and even small cities. For these atrocities, he is despised by all of his brethren and hunted by many slayers. Amongst the most well known of slayers hunting him is the infamous Nathan Mandra.