Player:   James

Character Name:   Darva

Alias/Nickname:   Darie

Race:   Human

Age/Date of Birth:   Unknown (She can’t remember)

Apparent Age:   14

Sex:   Female

Height:   5′ 4″

Weight:   105 lbs

Hair Color/Style:   Darie’s hair falls down her back in thick, jet-black ribbons. She typically wears a wide headband pushed above her forehead, leaving bangs cut over her eyebrows.

Eyes:   Sky blue tinged with violet.


Physical Appearance:   Darie is petite, fair-skinned, and frail. With a heart-shaped face, small nose, and large oval eyes, Darie’s wide-eyed innocence is heartwarming, and her mischievous grin is infectious. She moves lightly and often displays the youthful energy of a child half her age, especially when engaging in her favorite activity – cooking. Recently, Darie’s appearance changed after she helped Rhyn heal wounds Zabel sustained fighting a Forsaken. She is now a full-fledged teenager.

Class:   Commoner, Cook

Skills:   Darie possesses a powerful, but latent magical talent. However, she’s never received training and has no control over her power whatsoever. In times of extreme duress, her talent may or may not show itself, but in the rare case that it does, Darie loses consciousness. Afterwards, she cannot recall what happened.



Carried Possessions:   A small pack containing all her possessions: spare clothes, sewing kit, toiletries, portable cooking sundries, travel rations, small keepsakes, and a knife.

Clothing and Armor:    Darie usually wears a plain woolen dress, shift, stockings, and stout shoes. She also has a heavy woolen cloak, gloves, and a scarf for winter weather. Everything is fairly old and worn, but serviceable. Her only adornments are a small black stone fitted to a leather cord worn around her neck and a set of earrings given to her by Lune. One earring looks like a crescent moon, while the other is an image of the sun.

Weapons:   None. Darie cannot fight to save her life. Most of the time, she avoids or de-escalates potential conflict by virtue of her being so innately endearing that nobody wants to hurt her. It’s not something she does consciously. It’s simply the way she is. To a degree, this also dissuades people from fighting each other in front of her, even if she has nothing to do with the conflict.



.:Personal Information:.


Likes:   Memories, Children, Cooking, Socializing, Open Water, Sunrises/Sunsets.

Dislikes:   Bugs, Dirt, Sloppiness, Being Alone, Abusive Behavior.

Merits:   Endearing, Intuitive, Sympathetic, Industrious, Optimistic, Good Cook.

Flaws:   Aimless, Childlike, Frail, Timid, Unable to remember her past, Fragile sense of identity.

Worst Fear:   Darie fears what she cannot remember about herself, even as she wishes she could regain her lost memories. Her worst fear is to lose her memories again.

Personality:      Darie approaches life in a very simple way. Every experience is dear to her. Every relationship, no matter how mundane, is meaningful because Darie acutely appreciates the value of memory and by extension, identity. Without memories, how do you know who you are? Holding this thought close to her heart, Darie approaches people with an open sense of wonder, as if by connecting with others, she might rediscover herself. This is especially true with children younger than her because more than anyone else, they represent what she cannot recall.

Initially, Darie can be somewhat timid, but she’s definitely not shy. It doesn’t take long for her to warm up to new people, and once she’s past that point, she becomes playful and inquisitive; often asking penetrating (and potentially embarassing) questions. She is remarkably observant, possessing an instinctive ability to see past people’s false fronts, although she tends to find the good in people over the bad. That said, while Darie has been told about the facts of life, she doesn’t truly understand what goes on between adults yet. She is still an innocent in most respects, but she’s not afraid to touch people, freely giving hugs, holding hands, or walking arm-in-arm with anyone she feels comfortable around.

History:      Darie’s story begins with a small-time merchantwoman named Lune, who while traveling on business saw a strange light in the sky over a nearby forest. Intrigued, Lune followed the light to its source and found a young girl of no more than ten years lying on the ground, covered only in her own hair. The girl could remember nothing prior to that moment, but when Lune asked her name, she answered with the first word that came to mind – Darva.

Lune pitied Darva and took her home. Lune’s husband, Sol, accepted the young girl reluctantly, as they were coming on hard times financially. But Darva, or Darie, as she came to be called, quickly won him over with her exuberance. Under Lune and Sol’s guidance, Darie learned to cope with her loss of memory and create a semblance of normal life. To earn her keep, the young girl took up chores and other small odd jobs, but it was in the art of cooking that she found her strength and joy.

Two years later, Sol fell ill. It was a slow-acting disease, and for a long time, he ignored it, assuming it would eventually go away. But it did not, and by the time he saw a healer, it was too late. Darie was heartbroken, and to make matters worse, Lune soon realized that she was showing the same symptoms. With Sol gone, their financial difficulties became unmanagable, and Lune could no longer afford to keep her own home, let alone see a healer. Lune and Darie both did everything they could to recover their losses, but it was to no avail.

Finally, Lune realized that she didn’t have much time left, and she would not let Darie watch another loved one die. Not again. Using their remaining money to buy supplies, Lune took Darie to an orphanage near Estessavale. With hope, Darie would find someone to look after her there and continue her life in peace.