Dorian Ath’Legandril

Character Name: Dorian Ath’Legandril
Control Status: Closed – GM Jen
Race: Elsyven
Age/Date of Birth:
Sex: Male
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 165 lbs
Class: Wizard / Archmage of Calora. Spirit, Lightning, Wind, Creation
Physical Appearance/Clothing/Armor: Pale silky blonde hair that falls about mid back which he wears loose, framing his face. His eyes are a soft vibrant violet, that darkens and lightens with his mood. Of average height he is elegant in appearance, almost considered beautiful, with the typical high cheekbones of his elven lineage and sleek and sculpted body. Dorian usually wears a white silk shirt with a black leather over vest. His pants are pale blue/gray with gold embroidery and his black slightly heeled leather boots come to about his knees. His cape is a sheer white silk that seems to flow around him as he walks. Sometimes he will wear a white mage robe with gold and jewel embroidery of fine quality with the emblem of Calora on the chest or back.
Basic Persona: Dorian is kind and honorable, using his talents to help the people of Calora and Calamia. He is somewhat reserved in his wants, for fear of losing what he grows to love, so he buries himself in his work. He is loyal to those he allies himself to and is a determined leader. A firm believer in the Divine One he is faithful and honest, trying to complete the tasks God set before him.

Basic History: Dorian is the first child born to Lord Andar and Lady Sarora Ath’Legandril, the ruling household in the elven city of Queras’lin. His brother, Evirion, was born only seconds after he, Dorian and Evirion being the first set of elven twins born to any family in over one hundred years. Their births were considered miraculous, a gift of the Divine One, and were celebrated for days in Queras’lin.

As a child Dorian loved the work of the city, how it beautifully combined with the natural world around them. Dorian would accompany his father to many of his council meetings, watching and learning. He was also the more adventurous child, his brother being more reserved and quiet, but they were inseparable, two peas in a pod. Dorian showed great progress in his study of magic, learning complex spells after a few tries and stupefied his tutors with his intelligence and ability more often than not.

Yet growing up as a Lord’s son and a famous child was not always easy… and he and his brother found that they were often the objects of affection for many young… and even old elsyven females, as well as human females. Although he and his brother were both extremely blessed with good looks this was often more trouble than it was worth, and got Dorian into many a dilemma. He found himself in relationships where they prized his looks and position more so than the man, and so he began to seclude himself more often than not, pressing himself into his studies and helping his father with the cities affairs. It was lonely, but Dorian didn’t know who loved him for who he really is. His mother assured him that someday he would find his soul mate and to keep an open mind and heart. Eventually Dorian learned how to keep the fancies of women at bay, with the help of his mother, though his learning process was not without its downfalls.

One day, when Dorian and Evirion were at the age of 157, emissaries visited their family from Nusarum, the Holy City, and Calora, the Heart of Lagunis. They found the young men’s talents to be nothing short of wondrous and both were requested for training in Nusarum and Calora. This is where both Dorian and Evirion would take their own paths for the first time in their lives, to find their place in the world. Dorian felt more suited to the lifestyle of diplomacy and magic, and agreed to enroll in Calora’s Mage Academy, at the request of the Arch Mage Galion Belorfildor. He left for his training immediately, leaving his home alone for the first time in his life. Despite his sadness at leaving his family and parting with his twin he knew this was the path he had to take, and knew Evirion felt the same way about the life he chose for himself as well.

Calora proved to be as grand and beautiful as any storyteller described it. There were trees along every street, parks and places of natural beauty inserted in with the beautiful architecture of the cities’ buildings. He fell in love with it and vowed he would work hard and do important things for this wondrous city. After his initial years in the Academy Dorian became an emissary for the Arch Mage, traveling all over Lagunis to do his lord’s bidding. Galion was a good elsyven, kind and generous, and was highly respected in Dorian’s eyes. Dorian spent many years in the Academy and as a traveling emissary, centuries for a human, yet his presence was not truly noted until he was selected as Galion’s apprentice. Studying under Galion alone Dorian learned a great deal from the Arch Mage. In the year 10009 ADW Galion stepped down from his position, retiring, and Dorian became the next Arch Mage of Calora.

With some devistating events in the past year Dorian has closed himself off emotionally. He has recently been taken by demonic forces and his whereabouts are unknown.