Evirion Ath’Legandril

Character Name: Evirion Ath’Legandril
Control Status: Closed – Tirus
Location: Tosarik.
Race: Elsyven.
Age/Date of Birth: 184
Sex: Male
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 170 lbs
Class: Monk / Emissary for Tosarik.
Physical Appearance/Clothing/Armor: Loosely worn, silky pale blonde hair that falls past his mid back. Elegant, graceful, and calm in appearance. He holds the common elven traits, having the high cheekbones and sleek body.

Basic Persona: A strong and faithful believer in the divine one. Evirion is always willing to offer a helping hand to those in need, even if it is his enemy. He dislikes using any sort of weapon on another being. To any that befriend him, they will find themselves a loyal friend and ally. Can be somewhat stubborn at times, especially when people are in need of help. Evirion holds no tolerance towards those who harm or hurt his brother.

Basic History: Evirion was the second child born to Lord Andar and Lady Sarora Ath’Legandril, the ruling household in the elven city of Queras’lin. Born only seconds after his brother, Dorian, they were the first set of elven twins born to any family in over a hundred years. Their births were considered miraculous, a gift of the Divine One, and were celebrated for days in Queras’lin.

Throughout his childhood, Evirion enjoyed aiding those throughout the city. Unlike his adventurous brother, Evirion was more reserved and quiet. However, the two were inseparable. Where Dorian progressed greatly in the study of magic, Evirion showed great skill in holy magic, his healing skills even growing beyond that the local healers.

Yet growing up as a Lord’s son and a famous child was not always easy… and he and his brother found that they were often the objects of affection for many young… and even old elsyven females, as well as human females. Although he and his brother were both extremely blessed with good looks this was often more trouble than it was worth, especially for his brother. One day, when Dorian and Evirion were at the age of 157, emissaries visited their family from Nusarum, the Holy City, and Calora, the Heart of Lagunis. They found the young men’s talents to be nothing short of wondrous and both were requested for training in Nusarum and Calora. This is where both Dorian and Evirion would take their own paths for the first time in their lives, to find their place in the world.

On the day of his departure to Nusarum, Evirion’s father gave him his most prized flute. Though greatly saddened to leave his family and part with his brother, he understood why it must be done. Upon arriving in Nusarum, Evirion was placed under the mentorship of High Monk, Dalamir Fermion, being the first elsyven to ever be trained as a monk in the holy city. Though the training tough, he eventually surpassed even his mentor in the area of Holy magic. Where he was physically weaker than other monks, he found ways to correct this, using his magical talents to temporarily increase defenses and strength.

Reaching the title of High Monk within his first twenty years of training, Evirion continued to remain within the city to further his training and knowledge of the world using Nusarum’s immense library. Finally after believing to have gained all that he could from the holy city, he departed and traveled about the lands, helping the sick and wounded. He often returned to Nusarum whenever summoned by the council.

Traveling to Tosarik, the Dragon City, Evirion received a rather warm welcome from the dragoons. Discovering that they were in need of a healer and finding the grand city to his liking, he offered his services to the city. Gaining the dragoon’s trust and respect and becoming an essential part of the dragoon society, he was later given the job of being the Dragoon Council’s emissary.

Evirion was later summoned back to Nusarum, where he was given an apprentice by the name of Pheron Melun to train. The two didn’t get along at first, Pheron showing much prejudice towards him. However, over time the two became good friends. After teaching Pheron all that he could, the two took their separate paths. Evirion still continues to work in Tosarik, though, at times travels across the lands as the council’s emissary while helping those in need.