Lilithia Etendari

Player:   JenLilithia Etendari

Character Name:   Lilithia Solel Etendari

Alias/Nickname:   Lilith

Race:   Celestial

Age/Date of Birth:   2253 / Rosedown 14th, 866 ADW.

Apparent Age:   Late twenties – early thirties.

Sex:   Female

Height:   5’2″

Weight:   125 lbs

Hair Color/Style:   Her hair has grown out to nearly shoulder length, being a violet-blue in hue with an iridescent sheen to it, making it appear to shine in different colors.

Eyes:   Violet

Marks/Scars/Tattoos:   A scar on her left shoulder and one thin barely noticeable one on her left cheek, both from Derrek’s sword. She also recently obtained a light toned circular scar at the nape of her neck on the right side, where Kyrin bit her.

Physical Appearance:   Her body is small in stature, curved and elegant, yet well sculpted and toned due to her profession. However, if one were to see her bare back she has clear dips in and below the shoulder joints, with the skin being slightly splotchy in just this area. The muscles here lay in a different way than a human’s would; built for the wings she does not have. Her face is pleasant, with high cheek bones, wide almond shaped eyes, long dark lashes, delicate brows and a practically perfect complexion, her skin tone being a pale peach with rosy under hues. She never tans or burns.

Class:   Paladin

Skills:   Holy/3, Polearms/2, One-hand straight swords/4

Abilities:   Aura/Celestial, Heavy Armor, Heavy Weapons, Shield, Mounted Combat

Professions:   Linguist, Scholar

Carried Possessions:   A pouch of ryn. A tin pencil case, which she uses to hold an assortment of feathers. An old tarnished silver wedding band belonging to her former husband Elylas, which she wears on her right hand. Part of a broken tablet. Misc travel items.

Clothing and Armor:    Lilith commonly wears gowns of simple design, favoring blues, greens, whites and violets. During travel or battle she wears highly detailed blessed suit of armor, with a detailed breastplate, shoulder guards, girth, tasset, greaves and sabatons. Beneath the armor she wears a simple deep navy blue long sleeved tunic, a light blue cloth skirt, thigh high leggings, white boots and her under clothes.

Weapons:   Lilith uses a finely crafted glaive, which is light weight yet strong.

Likes:   Evithanon, pleasant company, light music, reading, a warm bed, good friends, helping others, tea, fruit, seafood, rice, white roses, simple kind gestures.

Dislikes:   Molrivath, Derrek, forsaken, anything evil or with sinister intent, battles, deceit, senseless violence and ignorance, loud obnoxious people, prejudice, unwarranted rude behavior, liquor and ale, hot spicy foods.

Merits:   Good- incapable of evil, skilled fighter, faith devoted, loyal, honest, compassionate, caring, magnetic persona, motherly.

Flaws:   Self sacrificing, uncertain, reckless, solemn, stubborn, soft-hearted, fixation(tablet).

Worst Fear:   Losing those she grows to care for. Never finding out the truth about the Celestial Prophecy. That the Celestial people are lost forever. Losing her connection to Evithanon. Derrek. Forsaken. Molrivath.

Personality:      To most she presents herself as calm, warm, and kind, possessing an unearthly charm. She is a lady, and typically carries herself with grace and poise; though she is by no means arrogant. Other times she can appear closed off, quiet and unnervingly serene – which typically means she is sad, nervous or upset.

Lilith can be sharp at times, as well as blunt, though this is commonly reserved for those who get under her skin or those she despise. Lilith does have a high threshold of patience and it takes a lot for her to actually loose her temper. However, if forsaken or Derrek are in the mix, she surely finds it difficult to withhold her anger and emotions.

Despite such things, Lilith is almost always looking out for others and will go out of her way to help people, even if it puts her own life at risk. She can come across as motherly to Calamians and those younger than she (which is nearly everyone), but she truly means well. She is a thoughtful and loyal friend to have.

Yet despite her charitable nature she tends to hold a lot of weight on her own shoulders, as if it is her responsibility alone. It’s a heavy burden, which takes its toll on her physically and mentally; but she’ll typically suffer in silence so as to not place such burdens on those she cares for.

Lilith can be a formidable foe against an enemy, and is a truly challenging opponent. She does her upmost to not harm those of non-evil intent, though beings with Molrivath’s touch had best beware her merciless skills on the battle field.

History:      Born in the Celestial keep of Moon Spire, in the Sanctuary of Israidius, Lilith was the first and only Celestial to be born without wings. Her birth had been prophesied by a Celestial named Paramethius Asapteau, a Celestial Elder of utmost standing in the Moon Spire community. Although the Prophecy had been made many centuries before her arrival, her birth brought great fear and despair to the Celestials.

Her father and mother, Kyrin and Isadrasei Etendaria, gave Lilith over to the care of the head Bishop, Father Aetheocyn. Although they did not fear her, they feared what she represented. Lilith was also a small child, fragile looking, and wasn’t believed to live beyond her infant years. Yet she grew to be a cute child, who was inquisitive by nature, eager to learn, and with a gentle and trusting heart. Yet oddities began to show in her as she grew older, and some believed she was mentally unstable given she would be found talking to herself at times, as if another person were present in the room.

On that fateful day in 880 ADW, Derrek and his army attacked Moonspire with an army of thousands. She and the other fleeing Celestials were saved by the sacrifice of many, including her mother and guardian Father Aeothecryn. Father Aeotheocyn grabbed her and forced a brown satchel into her hands. He stared at her for just a moment, as if he wished to say something, but then forced her through the gateway.

Falling through a vortex Lilith felt pain that she still couldn’t describe to this day. Then it ended all at once. Lilith opened her eyes to see lush green forest all around her. She spent days in this strange green wilderness, frightened and alone, until a young Elsyven boy named Elylas found her and he took her to his village, Lucine.

Lilith was at first remarked as a strange oddity, nothing like her ever being seen by the Elsyven. Her skin glowed with an ethereal light, and she radiated warmth and calm that was indescribable. She was an enigma to the Elsyven, given her appearance and strange language. Some whispered she was an angel, dryad or nymph. Either way she became an immediate interest to the Elsyven, so she was taken in and cared for.

After several centuries, and learning their language and culture she also found affection in another, Elylas. However this happiness was not to last. Their engagement was contested by the noble families, claiming she was special and could not be married to just anyone. Some claimed she was promised at a young age to their favored lord’s son, an Elsyven named Tadrien Hath’loren. The village became split in the dispute, but Elylas and Lilith were married anyway. Their marriage was sweet but short. Elylas was killed in a hunting ‘accident’, and not too soon after Lilith had a miscarriage.

Lilith was devastated. She knew that Tadrien had something to do with Elylas’s death, yet she had no means to prove it. However, she blamed herself for the loss of their child. Tadrien and his followers quickly began to press for her to remarry, but Lilith refused to see anyone. She became severely depressed and sick, her aura grown dim… the few she allowed near her believed she was dying. When she couldn’t take their harassment further she slipped out of town for a while, and went to find her and Elylas’s first meeting place. It was here she found the satchel Father Aeothecryn had put into her hands… something she had completely forgotten all those years ago. Pulling the tattered decaying cloth from the overgrowth and dirt the tablet slipped out.

Upon touching its smooth granite surface Lilith received a vision, seeing an elder celestial man with great white wings, wearing flowing robes and having a mane of long turquoise hair. He held the same piece of stone in his hands, and then saw light blaze around it, the stone cracking into two pieces—one in each of his hands. The vision faded, and Lilith sat there staring in a dazed stupor. When she came out of it she read the tablet and was initially shocked. It was hard enough dealing with the loss of her husband and child, but to also learn she was the harbinger of her people… it was horrifying. She always knew she had been different, but now she finally understood why.

Upon close inspection she noted the tablet was smooth on all sides except the bottom half, the stone jagged and rough. It was broken, just like in the vision. It was a clue, a sign that there was more to this prophecy and the demise of her people, more to who she was. In a strange way Elylas had led her to this, back to the tablet and to her heritage – something she had chosen to burry and neglect until now. In this she did her best to take heart… he had given her a new purpose for living.

Lilith knew she could no longer stay in Lucine, especially with her growing abhorrence of Tadrien and his followers. So she packed her things and slipped out of the town, heading east towards the human lands of Narovia. Her travels took her all over the continent, and to each new place she would learn and study about the world she now lived in. Knowledge became her balance in life, she wanted answers to things, and possibly to find clues about her people and the tablet. She learned about anything she possibly could, from languages, history and culture to philosophy, art, and more. It helped to keep her mind away from the ache of loss and loneliness she felt.

Centuries passed and she began to notice how truly different her race was from those of Calamia. It was a hard reality for a celestial, to watch everything around her fade with time. It was around this time that she felt the need to learn more about her inner self as well as her connection with Evithanon. She went and stayed with a clergy of monks at one point, which is when she began shaving her head like their sect. Lilith spent two years in silence and meditation. It was here she finally realized her path in life, after a visit from none other than Evithanon. She would become a paladin of the Holy Order. Lilith spent many years studying under several master paladins, in attempt to learn and perfect her skills and techniques. Under the order she was issued many tasks, taking her all over Lagunis, and a few times across the seas, visiting the holy lands of Valdurial several times.

Around 2935 ADW Lilith visited the Citadel of the Moon. This is when she met Raven, a mysterious creature with lost memories and shape shifting ability. He too was tormented by not knowing who or what he was, and so they formed an easy and understanding friendship.

She and Raven traveled all over Lagunis, helping each other find the answers they so desperately wanted. Their travels took them to Auraton and into the lands of Rashnal, where she met with the Hope Slayer for the first time since the destruction of Moonspire. It would not be the first meeting nor the last in a series of fateful events from which she still bears the scars. Eventually Raven found the answers he was so desperately seeking. With Raven taking his human form, he confessed his affections for Lilith. They had a short romantic relationship, but separated in Calora after disagreements. They met briefly in Avgar, only to reconfirm the end of their relationship. It was around this time Lilith stopped shaving her head, feeling it was time for a change.

Many things have happened in Lilith’s current travels, all too numerous to detail. Lilith still seeks the truth to the tablet, for herself as well as for her people, and refuses to deter from her course. The truth is there, the key exists; she just has to find it. And so Lilith’s story continues…