Palenom Xirran

Name: TirusPalenom
Character Name: Palenom Xirran
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Race: Human (Thelaharan)
True Age: 34
Apparent Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Finely brushed, long and wavy, sea green hair with the bangs dyed pink. Worn in various styles.
Eyes: Slender shaped, cerulean in color.
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: N/A
Physical Appearance: With a womanly physique and appearance, he is a rather attractive man. Because of this ‘perfect’ image of his, he is commonly mistaken as a woman.
Class: Summoner – Chancellor
Skills: Spirit, Fire, Earth, and Creation.


Carried Possessions: Jewelry. Lots and lots of fancy jewelry with rare and precious gems and even Magite set in them. He also carries extra Magite stones of each type he has specialized in just in case anything should happen to his main ones.
Clothing and Armor: Palenom usually never has a specific guise. However, he is often seen wearing colorful robes or flashy garments with feathers and pink frilly cuffs. Almost always covering his hands is a pair of white gloves with thin blue lines running down each of the fingers, stopping only a centimeter short of the nails. On the back of the gloves, located in the center is a pink starburst symbol. At times he likes to wear a golden or silver tiara.
Weapons: N/A
Likes: Looking pretty, pretty people, jewelry, feathers, perfume, and the color pink.
Dislikes: Ugliness of any sort.
Merits: Extremely good looks…?
Flaws: Vain – he is completely obsessed with his looks.
Worst Fear: Anything that he may consider ugly.
Personality:   If there is one thing that a person can say about Palenom it’s that he is completely obsessed with his physical appearance. He will do anything to maintain his beautiful image. He holds no preference over which gender he chooses to have relationships with, so long as the person meets his standards of being “beautiful”.

History:    Palenom was born into the noble Xirran bloodline. Born and raised on Thelahar, he was trained in the magical arts since childhood. Blessed with a strangely beautiful appearance, he has spent his entire life making sure to maintain his lovely image.After leaving the family household, he came to the city of Estessavale. It was here that he made his new home. Over time he eventually earned the duty of Chancellor and advisor to the King. Throughout his presence in Estessavale, the city has strangely grown drastically in numbers and beauty. The latest addition to the city was an Opera House, built and funded by none other than Palenom himself.