Reiokyu Arearcalen

Player:   Keith Jones

Character Name:   Reiokyu Arearcalen

Alias/Nickname:   Reio, Rei

Race:   Elsyven (Enlightened)

True Age:   43 / Rosedown 15, 3076.

Apparent Age:   12-13

Sex:   Male

Height:   4′

Weight:   104 lbs

Hair Color/Style:   Reio’s hair is a silvery blue color. It runs long down his back to about waist length and is very well taken care of save for his bangs which are slightly unkempt due to usually being behind cloth bindings. They curl slightly and frame his face when let free. Usually his hair is kept concealed within cloth binding save for traces of his bangs.

Eyes:   Silvery blue base, with an intricate star-burst pattern of a misty platinum and gold running throughout. The pupils of his eyes look slightly silvery, and the mist almost seems to move although it only merely appears to do so as light reflects off of them.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos:   Reio has no significant marks that are visible on his body usually.

Physical Appearance:   Reio’s body is built ideally for one his age. His body is between the soft contours of youth and the hardened definition of an adult. His body type is a bit slim, but extremely wiry and well honed. In short, he is in the peak of physical health and his body is one that one could see he spends a lot of time conditioning it and keeping it in good shape. From this, he weighs quite a bit more than he appears to, due to a dense muscle and bone structure. His looks are extremely comely, to the point where it could serve to rouse suspicion to those around him, looking almost more like a living sculpture or drawing of an artist’s fantasy than an actual person, creating more trouble than benefit. While his body looks outwardly soft, a trained eye could easily see that his body is quite hardened and toned from his life in the wilds.

Class:   Monk

Skills:   Holy



Carried Possessions:   Reio carries an interesting collection of things he has collected on his travels in his many layers of cloaks at usually all times. He has old coins, from tattered old coins that are barely readable to ones that are unusually preserved. He also keeps a bit of a collection of unrefined and raw gems with him that he refers to as “pretty stones”, only having a few that are cut or shaped in some shape or form. His only other possession is a staff along with a few holy magite that emit a soft glow when not concealed. One of them rests on a simple chain that Reio wears around his neck, while the other few are concealed on various locations on his person. Reiokyu recently has obtained a sizable (to him) sum of ryn as part of a job payment for escorting refugees, not knowing so much what to do with the coin. Aside from this he carries a fair amount of provisions within his cloaks to last him at least a week in case there is no food to scavenge for.

Clothing and Armor:   Reio is garbed primarily in a series of old, tattered cloaks made of a rough hewn wool material. The robes are dyed a dark, distinct shade of earthen brown that blends easily with his surroundings if in the wild. While these robes have no marks on them, one skilled in history would be able to link them to a type of heavy garb that traveling monks would wear. Underneath this clothing, Reio conceals his face by a series of wraps made out of the same material. This also serves to keep dust from getting into his system. On his upper body he wears a simple tie on shirt of a deep, midnight blue color, made from wool as well but more finely sewn. Upon his legs he wears a simple, old bleached pair of leather breeches. Upon his feet he wears an old, yet well kept set of traveling boots. On his hands, Reio wears cloth wrappings much like his face, although these appear to be a bit more tattered considering his occupation.

Weapons:   Reio wields a quarterstaff. He obtained this from his master before he passed on. The staff has metal caps on the end, and is made of a strong red oak. It is not magical in any shape or form, yet it is durable.

Likes:   Animals, boats, nature, exploration, fruits and vegetables.

Dislikes:   Pollution, grog and ale, Alta, corruption

Merits:   Seafarer, well balanced and skilled monk, experienced survivalist, clear thinker, quick learner.

Flaws:   Lack of knowledge of the common tongue, very limited contact with society, wanderlust, pacifistic to a degree, a bit over worried, fear of his deity in the use of strong holy spells.

Worst Fear:   Reio’s worst fear is ironically the deity he worships and respects. This originally arose from using a strong Holy attacking spell when defending his own life against a monster during the days he trained with his master. The energy shook him to the core and made him quite cautious about using stronger spells, atop of magi-drain, a condition that would be rather crippling in the environment he grew up in. It was a combination of the unexpected power of the magite, as well as the anguish of being magi-drained that compiled this fear that still occasionally haunts Reio in his dreams. At the time the youth was simply not ready to take the price of the spell, and in the panic of the situation, invoked it instead of the spell he had been aiming for. While capable and knowing of more, since the incident Reio usually will only invoke spells equal to that of a trained light magite user.

Another great sensitivity of Reio’s is his dislike for needless killing, especially needless killing of things that can not defend themselves. If spread out enough, this can cause the enlightened one to grow irrational and zealous. This fear sprouts from the first parts of his past, where the settlement he came to the Luna isles with basically tore itself apart, taking away his parents who he was very close to.

Personality:      Reio is an incredibly shy youth when it comes to meeting others. He is very devout to nature and the world about him, loving about every living thing and usually only taking what he needs from the land to survive. To the point of even being conscious of even stepping on bugs when not preoccupied with something else. A wanderer for most, if not practically all of his life, Reio has developed an original personality of pure, childlike innocence coupled with an intense desire to learn and experiment with what is around him if his shy shell were somehow broken. Having lived completely alone for about half of his years, he has no real social relation or status, other than that of a wandering youth. Due to his brief experiences with society, he trusts children more than adults, having found the latter to be less trusting and more aggressive than the former.

History:      Reio was born from a father who was an enlightened Elsyven, who was a wizard by trade, scholar by profession. His mother was a Celestial who had fair use with a holy magite, but was more a retired priest and was currently a tailor who ran a small temple on the side. For the most part, they shared a peaceful relationship, having fled civilization for a more secluded life away from corruption and malice along with a small group of others that wanted to settle away from most known civilizations, heading towards the Luna islands. Life was somewhat easy as the group was small enough for hunting-gathering to suffice, and the lands that they landed in were a bit more lush and secluded than most.

Six years after Reio was born however, a bit of strife over supplies versus mouths took place within the group, and the child was taken, along with his mother to a neighboring island in the Luna islands by the elsylvan man who would soon become Reio’s sensei, a good friend of the family. Regretfully, the child’s mother fell prey to the pursuing settlers, after a dispute about taking food and supplies from the settlement, a charge she was innocent of, but died after being a scapegoat for the wife of the mayor, who was the one hiding the goods.

Reio’s sensei was a sailor in his early life, an Elsyven man by the name of Urio who never told the child his name, although he found it out in the scant belongings the Elsyven left behind after the years of training. While he was a very accomplished monk as he had trained for most of his life in the martial arts, he was a bit eccentric and demanding to say the least to his pupils…or just people in general. A friend of the family, he had taken up a life of solitude in an adjoining isle to escape the bickering that was starting to form within the settlement group, although he had visited Reio since he was about three, already planting the seeds of a strong mind in the little one, mostly using creative games not only to stimulate his mind, but the minds of the other children in the settlement. He was one of the few who were not secretly eyed for their food storages as he led a hermetic life on a nearby isle, coming once a week to offer tales to the adults and play games that were designed to stimulate the minds of the children, giving them some sort of education in a budding society that was focused more understandably on work than education.

Eventually, due to carelessness, the group who had left before, assuming all would be safe in the wilds, perished as Reio was raised a few islands away in a ruined monastery where monks once trained in times long past. Their bickering over food and supplies eventually resulting in a lack of teamwork, and thus slow death for the rest of them. This was spurned by the fact that a good half of the settlement stole from the remaining half, and fled the settlement with most of the children and able bodied adults.

The man raised the boy as his own. While he did nurture him the Elsyven had a strong belief system in making a person ready for the rigors of the world as soon as possible. Considering their situation of being alone on an island, Reio was raised under the strict standards of survival against odds rather than a nurturing childhood. The relation had to be more of trust between master and pupil rather than standard tutoring and training that had ranks built into it. The elder monk needed another to watch over him while sleeping and meditating as much as Reio needed him to teach and guide him. The training to come would be rigorous, but it would also be pure and unclouded by the potential desires of rank.

Reio grew up under the man under a very strict belief system. From the time he could walk, everything he did was monitored closely by the man. How to flee and hide for one so small was of utmost importance, followed by self-defense, as it was a necessity in the lands they were in. He was soon taught more importantly however, from pictures and gestures at first, how to read and write in the Elsyven tongue and how to write his name in deshiven, common, and Elsyven. While most monks might of found inner peace in solitude and meditation, Reio was forced to find it in the occasional strife, and fighting for his life. Screams of pain and blood trails brought predators, so he was taught to take pain silently. While the training boarder lined on cruel and life threatening at times, his master believed that it would be more merciful for the boy to be taken out cleanly, rather than mangled and slowly eaten alive, or slowly poisoned to death, among other cruel fates that the wilds held as a hungry animal or monster would not spare him any such mercy.

The pair also traveled by boat to the small islands that composed the Luna isles, the monk teaching the boy about sea travel to a fair extent as well as plants that may have not grown on one particular island. He had taken two long journeys the receiving of his first holy magite, then successive holy magite in which the boy would be blindfolded, primarily to learn how to trust in another persons words, actions, and general presence, while at the same time keeping him detached from the pollutions of society in the rare but necessary exposure for alignment to a magite.

Twenty years, a couple years after Reio’s training in the martial arts were complete, his master suddenly left the boy to continue on the last years of his search for truth before he eventually perished, having reached the end of his life span fifteen years later. The final test he had left with the boy was to become truly self-sufficient, and he could not think of many better ways than making Reio sail on his own and find his own way in life. Having been taught how to survive as well as how to sail, Reio stayed on the island for a few years until having made the means to escape. He has been wandering and training himself since, desiring to figure out about the world around him. Reio’s wanderings have coincidentally led him to regions devoid of villages or civilization in any shape or form other than ruins, his training having kept him habitually away from signs of civilization, including roads, recent litter, voices, etc.

A long period past in Reio’s of encounters and experiences before he met a Celestial by the name of Ceralia by chance after about eighteen years. This was the first humanoid he had seen that was not a pile of bones either moving or not since his master left. With this first key meeting, Reio was put at ease as he felt something he could bond with. Despite the battles that have followed and the troubles that have plagued him, he found a new ray of light in the darkness that surrounded him. Most recently, due to being sent through a portal created by a priest to be sold as a slave however, Reio has found Grace in his travels, and has seemed to immediately bond with the girl. Seeming to have opened up to her notably more than he did to other people. With her passing however the little one had grown a bit more suspecting of those older appearing than him, having taken on a small bit of her attitude with him in terms of caution.