Basic Lore


Breeding and Aging

Unique Abilities/Weaknesses


Basic Lore

Dwarves are a noble race of humanoid beings who dwell under the earth or in rough hilly regions, forging great cities and waging massive wars against the forces of chaos and evil. They are artisans, the some of the best the world has to offer, and proud warriors making them a great ally to any civilized nation. They take pride in their work, whether that be running a shop, crafting, or bashing in skulls. They do everything from scratch down to the tiniest details, making sure no corners were cut, no mistakes were made.

For some reason, the Dwarves and Elsyven have a great disliking of one another, and usually verbally harass each other openly, though this rivalry has never come to any form of war. How or why this rivalry began no one knows, but there are many tales told by both sides, which only fuels their resolves. Many Dwarves say it started from a challenge of skill, and the Dwarves take challenges to their honor quite seriously.

Dwarves are hardheaded, stubborn, proud and tough, so it takes a great deal to bring one down, both mentally and physically. Dwarves also have much in common with the rocks and gems they love to work, for they are both hard and unyielding.


All Dwarves are stocky and broadly built. Males are usually well muscled, though many sport a good sized pot belly, the tallest male standing between 3’3” to 4′ 7” in height, and weighing between 170 to 300+ pounds. Females usually grow no taller than 4’5” and no shorter than 3’0”, though weigh quite similar to the males. Females tend to be slightly smaller in brawn, are plumper and rounded thought some females are as well muscled as their male counterparts.

Their faces are very similar to humans, ears and eyes varying in size and shape much the same. Their noses tend to be broader, wider and more pronounced. Men will often have a rather large nose, while the females have smaller but still broad rounded noses. Eye color tends to be commonly dark, from browns, deep ambers, to black, though they can have just about any eye shade depending on their origins. Their skin can range in shades of deep tan, light brown, pale peach or fleshy beige, and is quite tough, almost leathery in texture.

Their hair can be just about any color and any style, though not long enough to impair vision in any way. Males favor long beards and mustaches and start growing them soon as they reach puberty, which they value highly and groom them very carefully. It is not uncommon to see them with braiding, fanciful clips or beading in beards. Rarely there are females that have a beard that only grows beneath their chin and jaw line, that doesn’t grow as long as the males and they typically braid sections and decorate it with beading. Strangely in their society women with beards are considered extremely attractive, exotic, which still stuns other races to this day.

Breeding and Aging

The maximum lifespan for a Dwarf is 500 years, and they reach adulthood at 86-125 years of age.

50-85 (Adolescence) /86-125(Maturity Age) / 126- 150 (Young Adult) / 151- 175 (Adult) / 176-200 (Middle Aged) / 201-225 (Prime) / 226+ (Elder)

Dwarves are firm believers in monogamy, and take great care in choosing their mate. Because of their proud nature and stubborn attitudes dwarves find staying with one partner their entire lives a worthy challenge.

The birthing cycle for a dwarf takes about sixteen months. Twins amongst dwarves are extremely rare.

Unique Abilities/Weaknesses

Dwarves are quite strong and so most can typically lift more than their own body weight in material, though no more than double their own. Their muscles are thick and tough as well as their skin, so fighting a dwarf is a challenge in itself. They have a high tolerance for pain and cold, and so it is not a surprise that dwarves make excellent warriors.

All dwarves have improved night vision, being able to see pretty well in the dark, up to thirty feet. Because of this it is extremely hard to sneak up on a dwarf in the dark.

It has been said that there is no such thing as a drunken Dwarf, and this does have a basis of truth. They can handle their alcohol better than any race, often drinking humans well under the table before even getting a buzz. Dwarves love human ale and beer, often keeping trade open with humans for their favorite drink, though they do craft their own beer with utmost care.

Yet because of their size and stocky legs they aren’t very agile nor can they run very fast, instead they tend to lumber along.

Dwarves also hold one role in the world that no other Calamian race can accomplish, and that is the purification of magite stones. Dwarf Purifiers are a unique clan into themselves, only giving the secrets of their trade to their own family and apprentices. Since Dwarves are so closely linked to the earth they are the only race capable of ever crafting purified stones, and are part of the reason how magic came into existence in the first place. Any race can learn how to attune a purified stone to a person, but only Dwarves can purify raw magite. (Dwarf purifiers are not a playable character class.)


Since Dwarves are hearty people they are vigorous eaters and love their ale. Many would say that this indulgence in food and drink shows on their rounded bodies, marking them as fat. Dwarves don’t get ‘fat’ like humans do, and what fat they do obtain is not viewed as bad in their culture. It is this natural layer of fatty tissue under their skin that makes them more resistant to cold temperatures. They enjoy thick meats and hearty root, bulbs and fungi that they can grow in their subterranean regions or rocky farmlands. If you feast with a Dwarf you had best be prepared to eat and eat well, for not eating or eating too little in a Dwarf’s home is taken as an insult.

Their clothing tends to be simple and functional, yet well constructed, favoring furs, wool, cotton and leather. Dwarves usually wear several pieces of jewelry, the males favoring beard clips and thick rings, whereas the women favor necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clasps and tiaras. Some pierce their ears, lips or nose as well. As long as the items do not impede their every day activities they will wear it.

Dwarves do take their time with things, not for the same reasons Elsyvan do, but because they figure anything worth doing takes time and effort. They enjoy a challenge and love to accomplish feats of great difficulty, and are especially competitive with other races. Dwarves are a straight forward sort, finding no sense in sugarcoating things, and will give you their opinion in the most blunt and honest manner. They love a good joke.

Dwarf artisans like to craft decadent objects, giving their creations original touches, making their pieces truly artistic, but also completely functional. Their designs are often counted as brilliant and unique, their talent with manipulating earth materials for creation unsurpassed by no one. Their ideals of beauty are far different than an Elsyven, and so their designs tent to take on a more rugged yet desirable look.

All Dwarves have a strong dislike of horses and would opt to walk anywhere, even to hell, if it meant not riding one of those long legged beasts’ backs.

Despite their gruff exteriors dwarves are quite open to working with a majority of races. They have the best relations with Halflings and Gnomes, followed by the humans. They are a noble people and keep to their word, so long as those they make negotiations with keep to theirs. Their most sour relations are with the Elsyven and the Centaur, though no tidings of war have ever come from their odd relations.

The entirety of the Dwarven nation despises the orcs and will gut one for pleasure if given the chance. They are also natural enemies of the Deshiven, the creatures invading their underground territories more often than not.

Dwarves are at home underground, and so many favor homes built into hills, cliff faces, in the mountains or underground. They are excellent miners, knowing how to use the earth to their utmost benefit. The dwarves only have two major cities, Goldshard and Obsidian Keep, both being massive underground complexes, with homes, businesses and temples built right into the sides of the central chamber, with deeper running tunnels and walkways branching out from the central chasm, making for a large network of caverns used for more housing, crafting and storage. All buildings are constructed of stone carved from the very mountain, with wood hauled in from the surface. Their cities also boast specially crafted plumbing systems for storing and transporting water throughout the city.

Dwarves do build log and rock combination homes in their own territories on the surface, particularly in small forested regions or farming areas. These buildings are of sturdy rustic design, with large stone chimneys and plenty of wood detailing.

Most Dwarven farms raise specific animals or crops that the Dwarves find essential to their daily lives. Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs are their primary meats, with foul being the least served meat amongst their populace. Large chunks of meat are often served as main dishes, with root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. All food is used, the bones for soups and left over meats used in hearty thick stews. They grow grains for their rich breads and hops for their own special brew of beer. Herb farmers are also very popular in Dwarven culture, for good food needs good spices!

Because of their dislike of horses they instead use ox for transport wagons, or mules.