Elsyven are the race of rare beings that share the most physical resemblance to humans, though to a relatively basic degree. Some say that the elsyven are the most beautiful race of Calamia, as they are agile, lithe, and possess an ethreal element to their features. However some do find their features alien and their demeanor off-putting. They also seem ageless, and indeed live longest of all Calamian races.

Just like humans, Elsyven’s skin, hair, and eye color can vary greatly. However, they do not possess any form of skin adornments such as moles, beauty marks, or freckles. They also do not grow any facial hair. Their eyes are large and wide in comparison to a human’s and their features are delicate. Their faces are sharp, smooth, and finely chiseled. Their noses are never wide, though can range from small and round to long and pointed. They have high cheekbones, high foreheads, pointed chins and distinct jaw lines. They also have long legs. Besides their large eyes, one of their most defining and unmistakable features are their ears, which can range in shape and size, but are large and long, tapering off to a distinct pointed tip and stick out from the sides of their head through their hair. Since both male and female Elysven have sharp, refined features it is not uncommon for other races to mistake a male for a female.

Elsyven never seem to gain weight, and are always on the lean side. Some look delicate and fragile, while others appear athletic and leanly muscular. However, Elsyven can never build their bodies to bulky sizes. Elsyven females never have large breasts.

Elsyven on average can live up to about 700 years. An Elsyven reaches maturity at about 92 years of age, and some gain their magical maturity at the same age. The Elsyven seemed blessed with an eternal youthful appearance, making even the eldest of their kind look not a day over forty. As they grow into their primes their aging is very subtle and hardly noticeable except maybe seen through their eyes, slight creases at the corners, a few very fine lines on the face. Graying hair would be uncommon and only happening when they’ve pushed up towards their maximum age. This gray hair would only occur around the temples.

The birth rates for elsyven are low, making them one of the least populated races in Calamia. Why this is unknown. Elysven females carry a child for 16 months before giving birth. Elsyven giving birth to twins is exceedingly rare. Elsyven can breed with humans, creating the half-bloods Huvel. A woman, elsyven or human, carrying a half-blood would give birth in 9 months. To learn more about the human/elsyven offspring, see the Halfbloods section.

An elsyven’s age does not necessarily make them wiser or more knowledgeable than the other races. As with any race, wisdom and intelligence are dependent on the individual. Elsyven just have the advantage of living longer and seeing more. To them, the other races tend to seem fast paced and hasty. A common analogy for the elsyven is that humans are flowers, and the elsyven are trees.

All Elsyven love jewelry and are often sporting many bracelets, necklaces, rings and some form of hair adornments. Elsyven take their crafts and creativity to a whole new level and try to create beauty in everything they make.

The Elsyven often wear light or earthy colors, especially blues, greens, violets and white, favoring flowing garments of fine design. Elsyven take a great appreciation for art and the natural world around them. They enjoy music and dancing, yet their forms of dances are formal compared to how other races dance and their music light and lilting, mystical.

Elsyven like to eat fruits, vegetables, herbs and assortments of nuts, breads and cheeses. Elsyven are not strictly vegan, but they do not consume red meat. Elsyven drink light fruit wines and avoid human crafted spirits, especially ale, honey mead and hard liquor, for it tends to have a highly intoxicating effect on their systems.

These are elsyven that have taken to living in darkness, making the subterranean realm their home. Given this, they have evolved over the ages, with their skin colorations being more pallid, from ghostly white to dark gray, and black. Their eyes also seem to be slightly wider, but mostly due to their eye color being dominated by large black pupils. They see better in the darkness, but this also makes their eyes more sensitive to light. Their eye colors tend to be dark shades of brown, red, amber, gold, and gray. Their hair is commonly white, gray, silver, ruddy red, or black, but can range in other dusty shades.

Otherwise, they are not any different in size or appearance than the elsyven. They share the same lifespan, distinct physical features, magical maturity, and ability to interbreed with humans. A deshiven/human half blood is called a Huven.

Some believe the deshiven to be an evil race, as they are worshipers of the dark. However, this is not true. Just like any race, there are good and evil people alike. Deshiven and elsyven classify each other differently. An elsyven would find it offensive to be called a deshiven, and vice versa. While they once stemmed from the same race and have similar features, they both view each other as separate races entirely.