Basic Lore


Breeding and Aging

Unique Abilities/Weaknesses


Basic Lore

Elsyven are the race of rare beings that share the most physical resemblance to humans, though to a relatively basic degree. Although the Elsyven do not hate the humans they find them brash, reckless and destructive. Humans call this a superiority complex, which the Elsyven often do not suppress or rival. Elsyven also have an on going rivalry with the Dwarves that is unknown in origin, and a great hate of the Deshiven. By common misconception, it is believed that the Elsyven are all of good nature, whereas this is only a myth.


All Elsyven are pale in complexion, with smooth unblemished porcelain or pale peach skin, they do not tan nor possess any form of skin adornments such as beauty marks or freckles. Most have bright or pale colored hair that is commonly thin smooth and straight, sometimes slightly wavy, never curly. Brown or dull shades are uncommon, black is rare. Elsyven males do not grow facial hair.

Their eyes are large in comparison to a human’s and are usually a beautiful hue of blue, aqua, silver, gold, violet, amber or green, green being most common. Their features are delicate with long faces and finely chiseled features. They have a gentle elegant shaped nose, high cheekbones, high forehead, delicately shaped lips and pointed chins. One of their most defining and unmistakable features is their ears, which are slender and long, tapering off to a pointed tip and stick out from the sides of their head through their hair.

Males have light muscled bodies, though this muscle never amasses like a humans would, so they tend to look lean, thin and often wiry. Females have gentle elegant bodies, with thin waists, graceful arms and legs. Elsyven females never gain ample cleavage like a humans, so are often endowed with small or average sized breasts. Since both males and females have such elegant features it is not uncommon for other races to mistake a male for a female. Their fingers are somewhat long and dainty, with a thick clear nail that many will often grow long, though it is common for the men to groom their nails. The maximum height a male Elsyven can grown to is 5′ 10″, and a females maximum is at 5′ 6″. Males usually weight between 90 and 150 lbs and are typically taller than the females. Women weight between 80 and 130 lbs.

Breeding and Aging

Elsyven on average up to about 700 years, as compared to the humans who barely manage to make it to 100.

70-125 (Adolescence)/ 126-175(Maturity Age)/ 176- 245 (Young Adult) / 246- 315 (Adult) / 316-350 (Middle Aged) / 351-385 (Prime) / 386+ (Elder)

An Elsyven reaches maturity at about 126-175 years of age, their cultures often doing a special ceremony or party for such events.

The birthing of an Elsyven mating takes sixteen months, one of the reasons why elsyven have such a low birth rate.

The elsyven’s age does not make them wiser or more knowledgable than the other races, as most would assume. As with any race, wisdom and intelligence are dependent on the individual and how they use their minds. Elsyven just have the advantage of living longer and seeing more. To them, the other races tend to seem fast paced and hasty. A common analogy for the elsyven and humans are flowers and trees. Like a flower, humans grow and reach their peak when they bloom, and then wither up and die shortly after. Elsyven are like trees, they grow slowly, but age well and can live for quite some time.

The Elsyven seemed blessed with an eternal youthful appearance, making even the eldest of their kind look not a day over forty. As they grow into their primes their aging is very subtle and hardly noticeable except maybe seen through their eyes, slight creases at the corner of their eyes, a few very fine lines on the face. Graying hair would be uncommon and only happening when they’ve pushed up towards their maximum age. This gray hair would only occur around the temples.

Elsyven can interbreed with humans, creating a halfblood child called a huvel.

To learn more about the human/elsyven offspring, see the Halfbloods section.

Unique Abilities/Weaknesses

Because of their light lithe frames they are generally thin and light they have a slightly higher agility when compared to some humans. Elsyven have a slightly higher healing rate than humans, and so minor injuries to their skin will typically leave no scars. Larger, deeper wounds can and will leave scars, though.

Elsyven appear at first glance to be frail when compared to man. They are physically weaker than humans, not being able to withstand the weight of heavy weapons and armor. An Elsyven cannot withstand heavy physical blows, for they are far more susceptible at obtaining deadly damage, especially broken bones, than the other more hearty races. Because of this an Elsyven is never a full combat warrior.


All Elsyven love jewelry and are often sporting many bracelets, necklaces, rings and some form of hair adornments. Elsyven take their crafts and creativity to a whole new level and try to accomplish everything they do in a manner of grace and beauty. Many a times this makes for many appealing items of Elsyven craft those humans do like to seek. Yet Elsyven, even though masters at what they do, they are not masters of armor crafting, and although their light crafted armors are beautiful works of art, they are not as sturdy or as highly functional as a humans, and no where near a Dwarves standards.

The Elsyven often wear pastel or earthy colors, especially blues, greens, violets and white, favoring flowing garments of fine design. Elsyven take a great appreciation for art and the natural world around them. They enjoy music and dancing, yet their forms of dances are formal compared to how other races dance and their music light and lilting, mystical.

Elsyven like to eat fruits, vegetables, herbs and assortments of nuts, breads and cheeses. A common misconception is that Elsyven, being that they like to mingle with and respect nature, is that they are strictly vegetarian. This is not true for all Elsyven, for it is a personal preference, just like it is for humans, though they rarely eat red meats. Elsyven drink light fruit wines and avoid human crafted spirits, especially ale, honey mead and hard liquor, for it tends to have a highly intoxicating effect on their systems, nearly double that of the effect it would have on a man who drank regularly.

All Elsyven seem to possess a great amount of supreme confidence and unwavering self valor, and rarely do they show great bouts of emotion. Of course they are quite capable of emotional outbursts as any being, but they express themselves far different than a human would, and to them any emotional outburst on their part would be justified by the reason, and even then they don’t lose their temper like a human would. They tend to keep to themselves and Elsyven find unreasonable emotional tirades to be signs of weakness and lack of self control. So mostly to those that don’t know how the Elsyven are they appear and act unnaturally serene, often a bit arrogant, aloof or indifferent. They, however, are quite open with their own families and close friends, though this display of emotion is again different than how a human would express, and so humans and Elsyven find that their cultural differences are their biggest obstacles.

A few of the most noted Elsyven clans in Calamia are Ithiraa, Drasnia, Stoneveil, and Queras’lin. Ithiraa is the highest ranked Elsyven clan and is considered the head Elsyven nation, with the majority of the population, followed by Queras’lin, Drasnia and then Stoneveil.

The Elsyven are typically a reclusive race, they prefer to stay to themselves and rarely venture outside their own societies. They can and do have relations with humans, despite their obvious differences. Relations with the humans are dependent upon the regions the Elsyven in habit, those in Lagunis finding alliances, while those in Auraton still finding racist human ideals a blockade. In ages past the majority of the Elsyven elders were opposed to the interbreeding with humans. This has waned in the past few centuries with a few of the Elsyven clans, primarily Queras’lin and Drasnia, open to taking in the wayward Huvel.

The Elsyven find a sort of kinship with Kojintora, the two races getting along rather well given their links with nature. It is not uncommon to find some displaced Kojintora living amongst the Elsyven.

It is unknown as to why their relations with the Dwarves are as sour as they are, but the two races have been at odds for many millennia. They have a firm dislike of one another and when it comes to skills and prowess they are more than willing show the other up whenever possible. Despite being such open adamant adversaries they have never proclaimed war on one another.

Elsyven absolutely despise the Deshiven. Many believe that the Elsyven and Deshiven were once one race that was divided many ages ago, however this is just myth.