Game Guide

Welcome to the Dark World RPG Game Guide, a resource for potential and current players to learn more about our game realm. To get started on your journey into our world please follow one of the links to access library sub sections.

Rules – All games have rules. Read about our rules, restrictions, and requirements in this section.
God Modding Syndrome – What is God Modding? How do I know if I am doing that? Read our article on this controversial gaming topic.
Character Flaws– A large list of flaw definitions for character creation and development.

The Game World

Races – All of the races in the Dark World.
The Gods – The list of deities in the world
Magic – How magic works in the world
Calendar – Months and time in Calamia

Calamia World Map


All stories have a beginning…
Auraton – Ecology and short history of the central lands
Lagunis – A brief history on the Northern lands