Game Guide

Our game has no base class system. No stats or points to allocate. No dice to roll. This is a role playing game, and we are storytellers. Every action you do is a narrative, written in the third person perspective. You are the narrator for your character’s tale, telling us how they act, what they see, hear, think and feel.

We write in a by-post format in our forums. Each player can reply to a player’s posts, reacting to discussions, actions, and game environments. We encourage players to make up their own stories in our game world, and cooperate with fellow players to work together on creative processes.

The world of Calamia consists of many different lands and peoples, with different stories and adventures to be part of.  Who your character is, where they are from, and their journey are all up to you. However, character creation is the single most difficult part of joining the DWRPG. All prospective players must have an approved character application in order to join the main forums. When you register for an account you can apply for a character in our forums.

The information below is a resource for players to learn more about our game realm and to help in character creation. To get started on your journey into our world please follow one of the links to access the Guide’s sub sections.

Rules – All games have rules. Read about our rules, restrictions, and requirements in this section.
God Modding Syndrome – What is God Modding? How do I know if I am doing that? Read our article on this controversial gaming topic.
Character Flaws– A large list of flaw definitions for character creation and development.

The Game World

Races – All of the races in the Dark World.
The Gods – The list of deities in the world
Magic – How magic works in the world
Calendar – Months and time in Calamia

Calamia World Map


All stories have a beginning…
Auraton – Ecology and short history of the central lands
Lagunis – A brief history on the Northern lands