All stories have a beginning…

Long ago, the inhabitants of Calamia and the demons had been at war, a constant bloody struggle that waged for centuries. No one knows or even remembers where the sole tear between worlds opened. All that anyone can remember is when the demons came and the scars they had left upon the world and people of Calamia. Many tales have been told as to how the war began, but only the Gods themselves could tell which of those tales is true. This tale is one of them – told by bards and historians alike.

It was on a dark and stormy summer night in the fabled Kingdom of Alexandria. While the citizens rested and slept peacefully within the safety of their grand city, the colossal demon army stormed the gates and swept across the city. In lead of this demonic army was the most terrible beast of all, a demon that called himself Jeremas. Within a night, what had once been a thriving and technologically advanced Kingdom became nothing more than ruins. For miles the tormented screams of the people of Alexandria could be heard – men, women, children slaughtered without mercy – the demons took no prisoners.

After the desolation had taken place in Alexandria, Jeremas and his army continued to move onward, like a plague, obliterating all life that crossed their path. With no knowledge on how to fight these creatures and the sheer size of their force, it took only six months for the continent of Tresvath to fall to the demons. The destruction did not end there. Jeremas wanted to destroy all of mankind, and anyone else that got in his way. So his war continued onto new lands.

The demon army spread onward and attacked nations that allied with the humans: the elsyven, dwarves and kojin. Though many of these races had fallen during the first wave, so many more were lost. The people of Calamia did the only thing they could, retreat to the underground. With what remaining resources the humans had, along with their allies, they began the construction of a city deep within the earth. This city became known as Yvaltris.

Much to Jeremas’ dismay, he was never able to find Yvaltris. This deepened his madness, which drove wedges into his own military. His once structural and organized leadership began to crumble beneath him. He began making mistakes.

After years of hiding in the depths of the underground, the allied people of Yvaltris began to prepare for war. This time, with knowledge of their enemy and their tactics, and research into deep arcane magics. They sent small groups to destroy demon holdings, supply chains, scouting parties, and small squadrons.  The Alliance poked holes into Jeremas’ formations, and began to drive the Demon Lord mad.

Five warriors helping to lead these attacks began to grow in strength, and some even said that the Gods had blessed them. These five warriors were Athon, Defender of Yvaltris; Sirame, the Divine Sorceress; Zeiros, the Wise; Nabuka, the Mighty Dwarven Lord of Gemfire Keep; and Ural, Priestess of Drasnia.

The two forces fought against one another for many years. Eventually the Yvaltris Alliance managed to break through the demon defenses, allowing the five warriors to attack the very heart of the demonic forces: the great Lord Jeremas.

The heroes combined their powers as one, and through the use of two magical artifacts, God’s Eye and Soul Rune, Jeremas was sealed away. After 43 years of war and struggling, the people of Calamia had finally defeated the demons.

However, that was not the end.

With Jeremas gone, the demon army went into disarray.  The struggle for power within their own ranks eventually led to dissent, separation, and war among themselves.  The demons began turning on one another within the first month of Jeremas being sealed.  The people of Calamia used this opportunity and began a crusade to destroy the demons.  As the demons were pushed back and out of the lands of Auraton, people began reconstructing their towns and cities lost during the war. This time period became known as the Recovery, and has lasted for eleven years. It was at this time period that the people gave a new name to Jeremas, in fears that saying his very name gave him power. Daishevar – the accursed one.

Arising along with the Recovery came a new kind of man. Demon Slayers. These men dedicated their lives in hunting down demons, and were highly praised for their efforts. By the end of the Recovery period, the demons that hadn’t gone into hiding had been reduced to small legions, war bands, and raiding parties. These bands were lead by various ambitious demons wanting nothing more than to continue what their former lord started, and conquer land for their own.

There was one demon in particular that worried the Alliance. Gornaz Treimavu. Gornaz was known to have led the powerful Athdraki during the War of Daishevar, and was believed to possibly have been the greatest general under Jeremas. It was reported that he had went missing several years before the war’s end.

Though not a solid force as before, the demons still posed to be a threat. Zeiros, one of the last remaining five heroes, took it as his sole responsibility to fight against the new demon forces. After several years of hunting the demons, he was later seen accompanied by a boy going by the name of Ryden Ducreinon, who was Zeiros’ new apprentice.  Ryden indeed proved to be a magnificent warrior, he and Zeiros becoming a force to be reckoned with. Then one dark night, Zeiros mysteriously vanished, leaving Ryden to fight alone.

Ryden continued to wage war against the demons. Countless demons had fallen to his blade, and eventually he earned the title Demon Slayer. By his hand the demon forces were reduced more than half their numbers. After years of hunting the beasts, Ryden decided to partake in a quest to destroy the very source behind the demons. Ryden disappeared during his quest, never to be seen again.

Ryden became known as the Legendary Demon Slayer for his many heroic exploits. Many have in fact become a demon slayer because of his legend, or have died trying. Yet as time passed, the war, the demons, and demon hunters alike, slowly started to fade away.

As with all history the new generations replaced the old, time moved on. Yet all people know peace is a fleeting thing. There were new hardships to face, and people began to war over lands.  Nations grew, fell, and the races of Calamia continued on, building over the ashes.

It has been 1328 years since the end of the War of Daishevar – a time that is now nothing more than a fairy tale of horrors and heroes long since past. Demons are the things of imagination, and many believe they never existed in the first place. Some know of these horrors, though, and tell others to be warned – that the demons will return again one day to try and finish what they had begun.

Today, there are more trying things for the people of Calamia to worry over. War had come to Calamia once again, humans fighting against fellow humans for power and dominance. The kingdom of Graishine denounced their connection with the Holy Lands of Valdurial, and declared war on the kingdom of Rashnal.  For many years Rashnal had kept Graishine at bay, though as the war between the two kingdoms continues on the scales seem to be tipping slowly in Rashnal’s favor.

Yet the war has not touched much of Rashnal’s lands further from the borders. The city of Rionia itself is still a bustling metropolis of trade and racial diversity. Smaller villages hear stories of war from merchants and passing bards, and may have family serving in the military – but otherwise see nothing out of the ordinary in their lives.

And so the story of Calamia continues…