The Calamian calendar consists of twelve months, four months representing the four seasons in each yearly cycle.

  1. Snowbound
  2. Frostdown
  3. Fairyeve
  4. Windvale
  5. Rosedown
  6. Lionsdawn
  7. Firedawn
  8. Sunreign
  9. Harvestreap
  10. Earthsleep
  11. Florarest
  12. Icedawn

Each month consists of thirty days. The winter months are Icedawn, Snowbound, and Frostdown. Spring months are Fairyeve, Windvale and Rosedown. Lionsdawn begins the summer and continues through Firedawn and Sunreign. The fall runs through Harvestreap, Earthsleep and Florarest. Icedawn is the last month of the year, and then restarts the monthly cycle.

All the years after the Demon Wars are referred to as ADW, After Demon Wars. Any histories found dating before the demon wars are extremely rare, but are referred to as BD, Before the Destruction.