1. Post often – aim for once a week. Just let us know if/when you cannot, we will accommodate.
  2. No Lurkers. If you don’t plan to participate then don’t apply.
  3. Try to be original with your characters – no plagiarism.
  4. Character applications must be filled out completely, and GM’s may ask for revisions if they deem it necessary.
  5. Players can have a max of 2 characters. Additional characters will be considered based on activity/participation.
  6. DO NOT control other player’s characters – actions, reactions, choices, etc.
  7. DO NOT injure and/or kill another player’s character(s) without their consent.
  8. Players can create NPC’s (Non-Player Characters) that can be used for plot progression, plot devices, and cannon fodder. All NPC’s created are open for use (they can be controlled, injured, and killed) unless stated restricted. Restricted NPC’s are to be treated as a character. If you play a restricted NPC for an extended period of time we will request a full character application for them.
  9. No guns. We have magic, its cooler.
  10. No pet dragons, unicorns, or any kind of mythical beast.
  11. Characters cannot do teleporting/teleportation of any kind.
  12. High levels of God-modding are frowned upon. That isn’t to say we won’t see it, or that some situations deem it viable, as this is a game with magic, villains, and powerful individuals – however GM’s will ask you to rewrite and/or delete a post if deemed necessary.
  13. Harassing other players or GM’s, hate speech, toxic behavior or anything that is harmful to our community will NOT be tolerated.
  14. This RPG is Rated R for violence, language and adult content. Players must be 17 years old or older in order to join. That said, we are not a p0rn game – go elsewhere for it.
  15. The GM’s retain the right to control all game content and content creation. They can change, delete, add, and edit content as they see fit at any time.
  16. Players agree to the rules and terms of use, whether they have read them or not. If a player breaks these agreements at any time they understand that the GM’s can ban them from the game with or without warning.