The second largest city in the country of Jalaras, on the continent of Lagunis. It resides on the shores of Lake Altair, which connects to the Lucine River, the second largest river on the continent. Altair is a walled city with a lot of Elsyven style architecture. The city houses many different realm renowned guilds. Most noted is the Herbalists Guild. Altair was also the founding city of the Dawn Crusade.


The second largest port city in the Country of Jalaras on the Continent of Lagunis, located along the Eastern coast line just before the massive Blackridge Cliffs. It has the third largest population of all the cities in Jalaras. The buildings are mostly made of stone and stucco, with red clay tile roofs. Iron work is popular, as is tile, and most streets in the city are tiled or paved. It is built into a cliff side, and so the city is built in tiers, with sloping walkways, stairs, and ramps forming various paths, roads, and walkways. (Similar to cities in Croatia)