It is said that humans were the first race to exist in Calamia. Humans are the most diverse, adaptable, and determined people among the common races. Humans have no particular alignment, not even neutrality. The best of the best and the worst of the worst can be found amongst humans.

Physically full grown humans typically range in a variety of heights, weights, frames and looks. Some could rival Elsyven with their dainty physiques, while some are as thickly built as Ironwylde. They can have just about any body shape, height, or weight. Unlike elsyve, humans are prone to weight gain. Their skin colors can range from black as night to pale as marble, warm honey to rich brown, and every shade in between. Their hair and eye colors can be just about any shade known.

Compared to other races humans have the shortest lifespan, achieving official adulthood at 16. This is also the age that some humans reach their magical maturity. Humans can live up to 120 years of age, however, humans are more susceptible to illness, disease, and the effects of aging. This makes their maximum average lifespan realistically around the age of 70. Given their short lifespan humans tend to be in a constant state of activity, for a moment may be all they have. This leads other races to view them as them hasty, reckless, and unruly.

Humans have higher birth rates than all the other races, which is one of the main reasons they are able to have such a high population. They are also capable of having children with nearly all other races, creating subgroups of humanoids called halfbloods. Given the vast diversity of human appearances, it is believed that many branches of human appearances stem from years of interbreeding.