Ironwylde are the second most populated race of humanoid in Calamia. They take great pleasure in their work, whether that is running a shop, crafting, or bashing in skulls. They don’t like doing things ‘half-assed’, making sure no corners were cut, no mistakes were made. Ironwylde are hardheaded, stubborn, proud and tough, so it takes a great deal to bring one down, both mentally and physically.

All ironwylde are short and stocky, with broad thicker body frames and bone structures. They can range in weight from heavily muscled and thick, to thick and slightly overweight, though ironwylde rarely get morbidly obese. Males will commonly have wide, broad shoulders, and barrel chests. Their torsos tend to be longer than their legs, which can make their arms look long. The tallest ironwylde can stand up to 144cm (about 4′ 7”) in height, and the shortest at 91cm (about 3’ 3”). Females tend to be slightly smaller in brawn, are plumper and rounded thought some females are as well muscled as their male counterparts.

Their faces are very similar to humans, ears and eyes varying in size and shape much the same. Their noses tend to be broader, wider and more pronounced. Their eye, skin, and hair color can range in just about any shade, and they will have freckles, speckles, moles, and skin markings. Their skin is also quite tough and thick, with a sort of velveteen feel to it.

Males favor long beards and mustaches and start growing them soon as they can, which they value highly and groom them very carefully. It is not uncommon to see them with braiding, clips, beading, and jeweled pieces in their beards. Females care for their hair as much as the men, never cutting it, and groom it into fancy braids with clips, beads and jewels.

The maximum lifespan for a ironwylde is 500 years, and they reach adulthood at 65, and magical maturity at the same age. The birthing cycle for a ironwylde takes about 12 months. Ironwylde are known to have twins often, sometimes even triplets, though these are commonly fraternal and not identical. Ironwylde can breed with humans, creating the half-bloods called hydronian.

It has been said that there is no such thing as a drunken ironwylde and this does have a basis of truth. They can handle their alcohol better than any race, often drinking humans well under the table. Ironwylde love human ale and beer, often keeping trade open with humans for their favorite drink, though they do craft their own beer with utmost care.

Most ironwylde farms raise specific animals or crops that the ironwylde find essential to their daily lives. Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs are their primary meats, with foul being the least served meat amongst their populace. Large chunks of meat are often served as main dishes, with root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. All food is used, the bones for soups and left over meats used in hearty thick stews. They grow grains for their rich breads and hops for their own special brew of beer. Herb farmers are also very popular in ironwylde culture, for good food needs good spices!

The ironwylde are some of the most renowned craftsman in Calamia. Their armor and weapon smithing is second to none. Their designs are often counted as brilliant and unique. Their ideals of beauty are far different than an elsyven, but are also extremely well crafted and functional.

All ironwylde have a strong dislike of horses and would opt to walk anywhere, even to hell, if it meant not riding one of those long legged beasts’ backs.

The entirety of the ironwylde nations despise the orcs, and will gut one for pleasure if given the chance.