The Dark World

Long before the War of Daishevar had ever taken place, there was once a world that was filled with beautiful and thriving lands. That world was called Israidius. Yet just as with any world, there were selfish people that desired the land for their own. The people of Israidius became divided and war had swept across all the land. For centuries they warred with one another, until the day six mysterious beings known as the Titans, came forth and took it upon their selves to reunite the people.

Countless years of war had passed, many believing peace to be nothing more than a dream. Great scars from the colossal battles marred the once beautiful lands of Israidius. The Titans, weary and tired of all the pointless fighting amongst the people, team together and established the Valdharian Empire. The eldest of the Titans appointed the most powerful amongst them, Jeremas, as the first Emperor of the Empire.

Through the efforts of the Titans, nearly every race of Israidius was united under the Valdharian Empire. Peace finally seemed to come at last. However, not all of the Titans got to see that glorious day come to pass. Three of the six had lost their lives during the wars fighting for what they believed in. Only the Athdraki Titans remained.

The peace did not last long. A terrible and horrific event called “The Corruption” occurred. In the blink of an eye, Israidius became nothing more than an empty husk, a barren wasteland. The boundaries between earth and hell broke, and demonic spirits from hell known as Ahgeon reigned across all the land. Israidius was never the same again. Creatures exposed to the Corruption suffered from massive physical changes caused by the Ahgeon. Nearly all those affected by the Corruption became mindless demonic beasts.

Even one of the great Athdraki Titans had fell to the Corruption. Through an act of desperation, the remaining Titans, Jeremas and Gornaz, managed to save only a single continent from the Corruption. This continent was named the Sanctuary. Immediately following the event, they placed up a barrier across the entire continent to keep any remaining Ahgeon and monstrous creatures created by the Corruption out of the Sanctuary. Both Athdraki Titans set out on a quest to rescue those races that survived the Corruption. The results were truly disheartening for all. More than half of the known races and animals across the land had fallen victim to the cruel changes of the Corruption, doomed to forever remain as mindless demonic beasts.

Having saved what races they could, Gornaz began a new project and attempted to tame some of the creatures of the Corruption. After many years, he indeed had managed to tame some of the beasts, yet there were many that were simply uncontrollable. The Forsaken were amongst those who could not be controlled. The race was simply too unpredictable, wanting only to kill and destroy everything that had not fallen victim to the Corruption. The Forsaken truly were demons.

The population of the surviving races continued to increase and beasts from the Corruption constantly kept breaking into the Sanctuary. The people of Israidius were in need land, unaffected by the Corruption, were they to survive. Jeremas and Gornaz knew that Israidius had no such land remaining, and so began to research into portals to different worlds. After much experimentation, the Athdraki Titans managed to create a stable portal to a world called Calamia.

Upon entering Calamia, they found that this new world was indeed a thriving one, more than able to support their desperate people. However, this new world was inhabited by a species that much resembled Israidius’ lost race known as Xivions. This species was the Humans. Desiring this wonderful new land for his people, Jeremas assembled his forces and attacked the Humans. And so the War of Daishevar began.

During the War of Daishevar, the people of Calamia named the world of Israidius as Ishtar. The Israidians take great offense to this sickening name, for even though their home world is dying, they still do greatly care for it. Yet the title of “demon” that they were given doesn’t seem to bother them as much, and in fact sometimes use it to intimidate their foes.

After Jeremas had been sealed away by the Guardians of Calamia and Gornaz having vanished into the blue the people of Israidius were left to fend for their selves. A number of ambitious Israidians fought for the throne of the Valdharian Empire. In the end, no Emperor was chosen and the Israidian people were once more divided, fighting amongst each other.

As though an answer to the prayer of many, in the 9th year of ADW, the last remaining Titan, Gornaz, returned to Israidius and took his rightful claim as the Valdharian Emperor. Yet his return was too late, for nearly all of the other races had broken away from the Empire. Only the Athdraki remained by his side. Gornaz and the Athdraki then began a crusade in uniting all the races of Israidius once again.

By that time, several bands of “demons”, as the Calamians called them, took the portal created by Jeremas and Gornaz to Calamia and attempted to lay claim to the land there instead. Unfortunately for them, the Humans were prepared this time. Men that called themselves Demon Slayers hunted down and slew many of the Israidians that were within Calamia.

Meanwhile, with the help of Nakhti, daughter of the great Jeremas, and strangely a Calamian by the name of Derrek, Gornaz managed to reunite a large number of the races under his Empire over the years. The first races to rejoin the Empire were the Gheildoa and Gargoyles. Gornaz also formed an alliance with a species native to Calamia. The Orcs. The Valdharian Empire was at last returning to its former strength.

Gornaz proved the might of his Empire on Sunreign 25th, 3119 ADW. With careful planning, an army under the command of Derrek managed to storm through the gates of the Kingdom of Rionia with relative ease. Within that day Rionia fell to the demon army. Gornaz then claimed the ruined human Kingdom as his new base for the Valdharian Empire, sighting the dawn of a new age…the demonic renaissance.