The Dominion


The Order of Devout Knights

(Rosedown 17, 3072 ADW – Sunreign 30, 3083 ADW)

The Dominion originated as a small troop of Veluralan army veterans led by Huvath Sagrel. They referred to themselves as the “Order of Devout Knights,” dedicated to the cause of hunting down and destroying evil. For eleven years, they traveled and fought, primarily slaying demons or deshiven. They saved the lives of many people, while asking little in return, and word of their accomplishments spread far and wide. With time, many men and women, both young and old, human and non-human, joined the cause, bolstering the Order’s numbers into a formidable force recognized throughout Calamia.

The Doctrine of Human Rights

(Sunreign 30, 3083 ADW – 3090 ADW)

On Sunreign 30, 3083 ADW, a young man named Sirin Althenore joined the Order. He rose quickly through the ranks, demonstrating superior leadership under fire as well as a remarkable grasp of strategy both on and off the battlefield. A charismatic speaker, he won over many in the Order, playing off their greed, vanity, and self-interest. His ever-growing entourage seemed suspiciously homogeneous, consisting only of human members, but no one dared call Althenore out and challenge him. Those who opposed him were often crushed by his mastery of language and debate, or if necessary, by more nefarious methods.

As the years passed, Althenore acquired a position among the highest ranking members of the Order, second only to Huvath Sagrel himself. The two men were all pleasant smiles and conversation on the surface, but it was clear by 3087 ADW that their agendas clashed. The Order’s once noble cause faltered as its membership gradually splintered into those who supported Sagrel and those who supported Althenore.

Humans under Althenore’s banner began abusing their status and power, expecting deference and even obedience from the populace, particularly from the non-human races. Non-human Order members were no exception. At first, the injustices seemed circumstantial, but eventually, favoritism for humans over non-humans led to open bigotry. Non-humans were passed over for promotions. Human members received recognition for feats accomplished by non-human members. The anger and dissent grew until finally in 3090 ADW, the ambitious leader crossed the line.

On Fairyeve 17, 3090 ADW, Althenore released the “Doctrine of Human Rights,” a bold proclaimation of the rights and priveleges befitting humans both inside and outside the Order. In short, although cleverly veiled in flowery words, the Doctrine gave humans unprecedented status and authority over non-humans. Virtually all the non-human members left the Order in disgust, resulting in a sharp loss of power in Sagrel’s faction. Despite his best efforts, Sagrel lost control of the Order to Althenore, who began using the Order’s resources to impose the Doctrine upon an unsuspecting Calamia. In the name of the Doctrine, the Order committed atrocious acts of racism, including the “cleansing” of several non-human settlements that would not submit to their authority.

The Rise of the Dominion

(3090 ADW – 3119 ADW [Present Day])

Outcries rose throughout the populace, but their protests fell on deaf ears. During his rise to power, Althenore secured substantial political clout, and he used it well, keeping the governing bodies of the Calamian nations at bay while his subordinates did as they pleased. The atrocities continued until finally, its reputation forever stained, the Order of Devout Knights was no more. A new name sprang up among the people, and so the Dominion was born.

Ironically, the Dominion still claims to hold to the old Order’s tenets of hunting down and destroying evil. Only now, the brand of “evil” falls upon anyone who opposes them.

After the schism of 3090 ADW, Huvath Sagrel and his small group of followers separated themselves from the Dominion and slipped into seclusion. Despite the Dominion’s ugly reputation, which had stained the people’s vision of the Order, they continued to serve the original cause. This New Order of Devout Knights often attempted to right the wrongs committed by Althenore’s Dominion. Sagrel was last seen at the port city of Faldarlin, Thelahar.

The Dominion, meanwhile, continued to spread its racist, cult-like propaganda, slowly gaining strength in all of the major nations except Migoto and more distant lands. Their influence centered on predominantly human areas, though their hold on the major cities remained tenuous due to the presence of many opposing organizations. The higher level of education in these places created resistance among the people. But the Dominion was not a force to be trifled with. Althernore was an extremely intelligent man who knew how to manipulate those in power. With the help of his long time friend, Vincent Markovin, he continued to press his agenda, though rising demon attacks stalled his efforts.

To cope with the hordes, Althenore and Markovin decided to split the Dominion into various legions governed by generals under Althenore’s command. The generals oversaw military discipline, recruitment, and day to day defense while Althenore played his cards in the royal courts and political arenas of Calamia. His goal was simple, seduce governing ministers with military support and offers of cheap defense. In time, he knew, the nations would become dependent on his warriors, and when that dependency reached its apex, his long awaited plans would come to fruition.


The Dominion as it exists today is a military organization divided into five main legions. The Dominion’s presence is strongest in Thelahar and Lagunis, whereas the legions in Auraton and Ethardowan have been falling back against the demon hordes. Only a token force exists in Shanar. The Dominion has yet to gain a foothold in the other lands of Calamia. Each legion is led by a commander – supported by a robust number of recruiters, propagandists, administrators, craftsmen, magi, suppliers, and others. Together, the five legion commanders collectively control the Dominion as a whole.

Each legion commander has a personal guard and several thousand troops at his disposal, including officers, new recruits, and specialists. These numbers vary from legion to legion depending on recruitment versus casualty rates. For example, the legions of Auraton and Ethardowan have suffered greater loses due to increased demon activity in those areas.

The troops consist of many classes, including cavalry (knights), infantry, archers, spies, assassins, and a small number of magi.

Dominion members are easily recognized by their white tabards trimmed in gold, with a crescent moon on the breast; its black points facing down. Their armor is usually silver or black in color, and their clothing is either brown, yellow, cream gray, or black. Those who are of high rank in the Dominion usually wear white clothing. Their symbol is etched along the blade of every Dominion member’s sword.

The Five Dominion Legion Commanders
  • Sirin Althenore, 1st Commander of the Dominion Legion (Lagunis)
  • Vincent Markovin, 2nd Commander of the Dominion Legion (Thelahar)
  • Roland Cyen, 3rd Commander of the Dominion Legion (Auraton and more recently Thelahar)
  • Corgan Vaile, 4th Commander of the Dominion Legion (Ethardowan)
  • Kenneth Mordishant, 5th Commander of the Dominion Legion (Shanar and more recently Thelahar)

Dominion Members of Note
  • Saren Gelnar, Friend of Mordishant and Guardsman (Deceased as of Florarest 10, 3119 ADW)
  • The Baron Renaire Tyr Anethlen, Guardsman
  • Calamus, Guardsman / Assassin
  • Valis, Captain / Spy / Traitor (Deceased as of Florarest 12, 3119 ADW)
  • Astler, Lieutenant (Garrison at Warinvale in Espia, Thelahar)

The “New” Order of Devout Knights

This elite group of warriors serve Huvath Sagrel. Much like the original Order of Devout Knights, these men and women of many races travel the world and fight evil wherever they find it. Jaded by Althenore’s creation of the Dominion, the Order is tougher on new members than in the past. Applicants must demonstrate not only fighting skills, but dedication, commitment, loyalty, and the right quality of character as decided by Sagrel. It should be noted that members of the Order are often confused with Dominion troops, as they still display the same crescent moon symbol on their armor and weapons.

  • Huvath Sagrel, Founder
  • Urame, Huvath’s apprentice
Player Information

All the Legion Commanders are controlled by Moderator James. Huvath Sagrel and his apprentice are controlled by GM Tirus. Players wishing to create characters in the Dominion or in the Order of Devout Knights should contact Tirus or James for more information. Interested players should search the board and read Dominion NPC threads to learn about the group’s most recent activity.