The End of Yahoo!Groups

In 2001, we began this adventure with Yahoo!Groups. We’ve made many friends over the years, and wrote thousands of posts together. We have nearly twenty years of posts and content on Yahoo!Groups.

On November 4th, Yahoo finally announced the “change” of Yahoo!Groups, which ends hosting. This includes all posts hosted on their servers. It is sad, but it wasn’t like we weren’t aware that this was coming. When groups support disappeared we got to work. We’ve ripped all of our content off of the groups and rebuilt it to fit into our forums. As it currently stands ALL of our groups archives are now hosted on our site here. From the beginning of time to now, from all our members over the years. Each and everyone of you that have played – yes, your posts are here and saved. Nothing from the groups is lost. All our memories, posts and OOC’s , are safely stored and accessible to members.

Thank you, to those of you who joined us back in the hay-day of PBeM games. Yahoo!Groups had always been the core of our game, and it is sad to see its sunset.

We are not as active as we once were, but we are still around. The game is still closed for new applicants at this time. If you are a past member looking to reconnect and reminisce about old times, or are curious about our PBeM, feel free to join our Discord channel.

Farewell, Yahoo!Groups.