Basic Lore


Breeding and Aging

Unique Abilities/Weaknesses


Basic Lore

Vampires are a race of immortals that stem from the God Sadin. They are forced to live in the darkness and feed upon the blood of mortals. Due to this nature the vampires are thought to be evil corrupted beings that have no mercy or feelings. This is not true, where some vampires hold onto their honor, goodness and nobility that they had possessed before their Dark Gift. Others allow their gift to drive them mad or push them toward dark intent.

For more information on the Vampires visit the Vampire Lore documentation in the history section of the Library.


The average vampire looks to be no more than eighteen up to forty some years old. However, some vampires are converted at older ages… and worst yet, some barely past the age of puberty, trapped in a child’s body for eternity. Most vampires have a pallid skin tone, looking like finely carved porcelain, some really old ones having a slight bluish tinge to their skin. Their looks can vary as much as any human- the race from which they stem from. Because of this they blend in to most human societies rather easily.

Their top canine teeth are thin, long and pointed, used and their main asset for feeding. These sharp fangs do not normally show, and typically only lengthen when they feed. Sometimes, however, they use them intimidation use, or just because they can.

Breeding and Aging

Vampires do not breed by intercourse unless they are True Vampires. (More info below)

When a human is converted their body goes through a massive change. This is what they call the ‘death and rebirth’. The human body in essence dies, and can be extremely painful as the organs inside begin to shut down. Vampires have learned over the years that to lessen the victim’s pain they take a great deal of their blood, pushing them near unconsciousness. When the Intended reaches their death stage, the body begins to change, the internal organs rearranging themselves. This change is often painful and can last for hours.

As per the Vampire Code, they are usually very strict about whom they give the Dark Gift. Humans are the only race that can be converted into vampires. If the Intended chooses to take the Dark Gift the vampire must break their own flesh and allow them to drink of their blood. Some have opted for the ‘classic’ passing of the Gift, being that the vampire bites their own tongue to open the blood flow and passes it to the Intended by their ‘kiss’.

Unique Abilities/Weaknesses

Young converts need to feed often, where older vampires who have learned to control their hunger have to feed less often.

One of the Vampires largest assets are their heightened senses. Excellent night vision is one, seeing every detail clearly as if it were day, a stronger sense of smell and heightened hearing.

They do, however, lose their taste for normal foods. A vampire could eat, but it brings them no satisfaction, and they often find it repulsive. The food they eat would also upset their delicate internal organ structure, and they would eventually throw it up. Drinking liquids, such as wines or champagne, has become a favored pastime for the vampire, for it does not interfere with their body’s internal balance.

Vampires are unable to use Holy or Light Magite.

Only True Vampires are capable of using innate Dark Magic.

The sun is indeed most destructive, causing vampires of few years to combust spontaneously, leaving little time to react before they are reduced to ash. Older vampires suffer massive burns, charring of skin, flames erupting from their flesh, and melting of flesh and tissue. The pain alone is excruciating, and they can die within mere minutes of sun exposure. Clothing does not help them hide from the sun, nor armor, for it seems to become ‘part’ of their physical being, and will also burn and sustain damage if exposed to sunlight. A vampire can also receive injuries from indirect light, and have to always stay in dark well shaded areas. Not even an overcast day will stop the suns damaging rays. The only time a vampire could walk outside during the day is if the sky were near black as pitch. Sun damage takes several days to months, even years, to recover from, depending on the severity.

Holy spells and blessed water do damage to a vampire as well. If splashed by holy water the vampire can experience scalding, blisters and the melting of flesh. Holy spells do double the damage, and often take five times as long to heal as normal wounds. Healing spells derived from light or holy can also harm vampires.

The Calamian ore called silver was found to be another weakness. If a vampire so much as touches silver it will burn the skin, char it if held too long. Many vampire hunters have taken on using the metal, for when damage is inflicted upon a vampire with silver it is extremely painful, such wounds from silver taking two times as longer to heal. When sliced or stabbed with silver, the tissue burns, often turns black, the blood oozing out green.

Vampires can naturally regenerate their flesh. This is increased if they consume blood, rest naturally, or burry themselves in the earth. Vampires won’t typically wont rest in the earth, but if they are in a desperate state the soil is a healing force that they won’t hesitate to utilize. If severely injured to near death (primarily from sun damage) vampires can burry themselves and go into a form of hibernation, where their body sustains itself and preps for regeneration. In this state the body does not heal, only stops immediate pain and further damage, so they can look like a rather messy corpse if discovered. This hibernation state can last for days, weeks, even years. Once awake or awakened, however, they must replenish their blood immediately in order to begin proper regeneration. Rising after a catatonic sleep will cause maddening bloodlust.

Vampires will feel a great need to sleep during the daylight hours. In the day their powers and physical energy are at their weakest, particularly when the sun is at its zenith. Young vampires are compelled to sleep at this time, in an almost coma like state, whereas older vampires may stay awake, but find it taxing, giving them headaches, extreme lethargy and body aches.


The Vampires who devoted themselves to the Blood King and the Vampire Order commonly live in groups, with at least one vampire of substantial strength as their leader. They keep to themselves, typically, meddling seldom in human affairs. These groups often use the laws of the Order as their foundation, and add their own rules to these. Not all live the same as others, some opting for rich and decadent lifestyles, others humble and simple. Humans can and do live amongst these vampires, some as servants, others as friends and/or lovers.

There are three types of vampires in the world; True, Converts and Half-bloods. Each type is described below.

True Vampires – Originally part of the race of humans called the Xivion, the True Vampires are those who were closest to the Dark Lord himself, Dimitrious Pendral Tempes, King of the High Order. The Blood King granted the gift to his closest generals, family and friends. At one point there were many True Vampires, but during the war of Daishevar many perished in the event known as the Perdition. Only the Blood King is capable of creating True Vampires, though he has not created one since the Corruption, for many had betrayed him and the Council. Today there are less than fifty True Vampires in existence.

(True vampire-Extremely Rare- age 3,000+, *True Vampires are for GM use/permission ONLY. New applications for True Vampires will be denied.)

Convert Vampires- These vampires are created by another vampire, true or not, by passing on the dark gift Dark Gift. Once bestowed upon the person their body dies, going through the ‘death and rebirth’. Because the Converts organs are resituated violently, it is believed this is why they cannot bear children.

Converts tend to be young and vulnerable, often taken in by their creator and taught how to live as they are. Others created by cruel rogue vampires who force the Dark Gift upon them, are left alone to fend for themselves. Most of these die in the sunlight or go mad, either from their loss of life or crazed with hunger. Many grow arrogant and enjoy their newfound powers. Converts can range in a variety of ages, from newly converted to hundreds of years old.

(Young Converts- common- up to 100 years of age. Old Converts- uncommon- 100-300 years of age, restricted*. Ancient Convert- Rare- age 300+, *restricted.)

Half-Vampires- These beings are not too well known about and are extremely rare, thought to be tales told by crazed individuals. They are the product of a human and a True Vampire pairing. Most True Vampires hate the half-breed offspring and sworn to create no more because of a rebellion caused by Lance Al’Damoreth, the very first half blood.

A half-vampire is born and grows as any normal human child does, but once they reach adulthood their vampirism traits emerge. They stop aging, and begin to feel the need for blood. Not as strong as their full vampire relatives who need it on almost a daily basis, but a need for it none the less. Half-vampires can live without blood for extremely long periods of time, months, sometimes even years, and can eat normal food for regular sustenance. The older they get, however, the more vampiric they become, and grow to need blood more often to sustain them. They can also live under the sun, though not at extended periods of time, which makes most vampires refer to them as Day Walkers.

(Half vampire: Extremely Rare- 2,000-,*This race is GM use/permission ONLY. New applications for Half Vampires will be denied.)

Vampires are by far one of the most adaptable races given their link to the human race. They can grow accustomed to many societies, and capable of mixing with an assortment of races and cultures. Vampires can be found amongst both Calamian and Valdharian societies, being capable of finding a place easily amongst either.

Calamian society has yet to accept the vampires as a race, unlike the Valdharian’s, marking them as abominations and have spawned many a vampire hunter to chase them down. Despite this fact Vampires can live very comfortable lives amongst the races of Calamia, living hidden amongst their populace.